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When it's FULL of servers, this single rack is gonna be capable of 1 FLOP of full precision performance And, AMD estimates: It's an estimate, they're not done building it yet, that they'll be doing this at around double the cost of a competing solution, not to mention more than half the FLOPs per watt

As crazy as it might sound, AMD is actually letting me assemble one of the systems So, uh, wuhh, imma show you guys exactly how *ding ding* And it's this that allows them to cram up to 4 CPU cores That's 4 threads if you prefer Up to 4 gigabytes of memory

At a total of about 35 watts of power consumption That's where the 1 gigabit networking This one is two cores, on a single CPU, with a 1 watt TDP 2 cores at a watt! But that's actually not the whole story behind what gives P47 its stunning efficiency Each Epyc can handle up to 2 gigabytes of DDR4 memory

So that's great for virtualisation, rendering, and machine intelligence But, and this is the key Each Epyc can also handle 8 PCI express lanes 8 lanes! So that's why a single Epyc lacks GPUs So thanks for checking out our video here at AMD supercomputer lab, and, uh

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