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I told you guys last week that I was going to review YouTube TV for you guys and well I can not get enough of it! So lets just dive on in and get the the facts What is this YouTube TV that I am talking about? Plan and simple YouTube TV is a paid service that Google's Parent Company Alphabet has decided to launch It has been around for a couple of months now but that still doesn't make it less exciting YouTube TV lets you watch Live TV yes you heard me right Live TV from major networks not just over the air but also popular cable networks

You can watch on a number of devices I personally have tried it on my Laptop, Roku, My iPhone, and my Kids and wife have been watching it on their android devices You can also use a Chromecast or a Apple TV and they are working on supporting more devices Things you should know before you sign up Pricing- YouTube TV costs $35 a month plus taxes

I did notice that if I wanted to sign up with my iPhone on iTunes that it was going to cost $3999 plus tax per month I don't quite understand why the two different pricing structures here but it probably is so Apple can get a cut from it Location- When you sign up make sure you are in your home area because it will ask you to confirm your location This is so you can gain access to the local channels in your market

So if you are signing up I would suggest you wait to do it if you are not at home Free trial- As i noted last week I got access to YouTube TV via a free trial It was only a week so be sure you get the most of your trial by trying all of the features Signing up- To sign up just navigate over to tvyoutube

com and click the button for your free trial You will then be asked to confirm your home location I have read some reports of people loosing access you YouTube TV because they did not sign up in the Home Area so be careful if you try this After you confirm your home location you will be asked if you want to add on any premium networks Sign in with your google account and confirm what credit card you want to use after your trial runs out and then click buy to complete the sign up process

Available Markets- If my calculations are correct roughly 805% of households can currently get YouTube TV in the USA That is over 92 million households that are eligible to pick up the service If you are in the unlucky 22 million households that can not get it yet all is not lost You will be able to put in your email address and google will notify you when it is available

Available Networks- YouTube TV allows you to see your local big four(ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) as well as a range of national cable channels, this includes news, sports, and some of the more known cable networks I think I counted almost 60 available networks available where I live between live and on demand video Cloud DVR- This feature is amazing It allows you to setup records and watch the items that you have set up and best of all it is included in the price of your service Its kinda like Tivo but everything is online

But what is awesome is you don't have to worry about storage limits as you get Unlimited storage! Now this will delete the items after 9 months but I do not see that as a issue I tried recording 10 items at once and it let me so I do not believe there is a issue with how many shows you can record at any given time You can even fast forward your programs that you have recorded and pause live tv as well On Demand service- There are a number of shows that are listed in the on demand service If you wanted to binge watch all of the Hells Kitchen from this season they have all the episodes available right now

I don't know how long they are going to be available but they do have episodes from 4 months ago still up I am sure they add and remove items all the time to keep it cleaned up Can I share it with my family? – Simple answer here is yes Everyone in your house can access your one account that you are using You can have up to 6 email addresses tied to this one account and still only pay $35 a month, I should note here though that they do limit active users to 3 at a time

But just remember that you still can record all your shows and watch them at a later time Well I guess that just about wraps up this episode of Tech Talk I am sure I didn't go over everything that YouTube TV has to offer but that probably because I haven't discovered it yet! Well until next week I hope you have a great week and I am going to get back to watching Shark Tank!

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