YouTube Strikes Again – WAN Show Mar 1, 2019

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Timestamps (Courtesy of qwertyuiop)

0:00 Topics
0:51 INTRO
1:33 Shooter games
2:37 MeTube Disabled comments
10:15 ‘s Worst video he’s done
12:37 the video (technical difficulties)
15:20 Problem-solving fixed, the video
16:33 Skincare in games
26:57 2019 Worldlier Congress
27:20 Huawei MATE X
30:30 HoloLens
32:45 LG’s Dual screen phone
33:40 Energiser phone

37:20 Sponsor: Madrinas
38:58 Sponsor: Corsair
40:30 Sponsor: Pvtes Intarnut ACCESS
41:00 We can do WHATEVER WITH PIA spots

42:02 LTX
43:57 Super chats
48:20 Outtro

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