Xiaomi Mi 6 review 2017 – 2018 with opinions about its features, pro & price


Xiaomi Mi 6 review 2017 2018 with opinions about its features, pro & price Sigh ah me me six is going to be the big hit in the Android smartphone market as now Xiumin E6 is rumored to be launched in Canada us and other countries to expand its users base Dye AmI will introduce may 6 with some serious upgrades which will make the album a six first impression a great impression in the Global market Diam EmI six expected in rumored specifications display 52

Inches one thousand four hundred and Fortieth 2560 Pixels processor 25, Chica Hearts qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core Ram 6 Gb internal storage 32Gb 64Gb in 128 GB Expandable storage 128 GB Microsd rear camera 23 megapixel front camera 7 megapixels battery 4000 Milli Ampere Connectivity Wi-Fi NFC edge Bluetooth GPRs Some dual Sim 4G LtE Android V 60 Mi user interface in by Dy 8 Featured is Il me n by 6 camera Autofocus dual flash for exist optical image stabilization Ohio's panorama Hdr geo-tagging face and smile Detection 4K video Capture sapphire glass Anti Blur image feature Semi IMx 298 sensor rumors and features of Sami and I six Wireless charging and enhanced Rapid charging feature metal unibody with glass Back I scanner to replace fingerprint scanner Dial me and Isaac's release date by OmnI announced to Mi6 in China on April 19 2017 Diam En by Six Christ Died Ami Mi6 price country wise in India 399 Dollars in China three hundred and fifty dollar in Thailand four hundred dollars in singapore four Hundred and Ten Dollars in Malaysia four hundred Dollars in Canada four Hundred and fifty Dollars in Germany four hundred and sixty dollars in us

, four hundred and ninety dollars

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