The World’s Smallest Drone Review (M:Tech)


Hello and welcome to Unlock Streak, my name is Daniel and this week we have the worlds smallest drone by m:tech lets start with the size of this drone it's super small coming in at 40mm in diameter or 4cm for a drone this small i wasn't expecting it to be very powerful but i was proven completely wrong the drone pushes out a rather powerful uplift and can reach rather fast speeds in fact so fast when you first use it you'll most likley crash it more than it's in the air the drone works both indoors and outdoors however i personally don't recommend using it outdoors as the smallest bit of wind will blow the drone away the charge time is around 30 minutes via USB and you'll get about 10 flight if we compare the flight time to a DJI Phantom you'll get around 22 minutes, so 10 minutes is pretty impressive for a drone this small the drone also comes with 3D Flip functionality allowing you to do pre-set flips which is a nice extra feature the drone also has headless mode feature that bring the drone back to the controller although i couldn't really get this feature to work however flying the micro drone around is more than enough fun so your properly wondering what comes inside the box you'll get an ergonomic remote control that offers 4 channels so you can fly along side your friends you'll also receive a USB cable to charge the drone and a set of spare props and a small screwdriver the controller works from 3 AAA batteries which is pretty normal for these types of gadgets charging the drone when you are outside is made super easy if you have a power bank i have the Anker powerbank which makes it possible to charge the drone without a power socket or a computer near by if you would like to purchase the M:Tech Micro Drone then all the links shall be in the description below that's it for this weeks video, if you would like to see more drone gadgets then be sure to give this video a BIG thumbs up and if you are new around here make sure you hit that subscribe button for more Technology, Gadgets and gaming reviews

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