Withings Steel HR review Should you buy it??


In the fitness tracking world, Withings has been making headlines as of late; not just for its health and fitness products, but also because it has a new parent company Withings was acquired by Nokia back in June 2016, and the two companies just recently announced that the name ‘Withings’ as we know it will cease to exist, and all products made by the Withings team will now feature Nokia branding

That doesn’t mean they’ll stop making connected health products though, and that’s good news Withings’ Activité Steel is still one of our favorite analog watch/fitness tracker hybrids to date, bringing a classy design and activity tracking without a gigantic price tag These types of connected watches are perfect for some people, but others have a hard time getting past the whole “no screen” aspect of them This is why, in September 2016, Withings announced a beefed-up version of the Activité Steel called the Steel HR The Withings Steel HR is available now for $179

99 for the smaller 36mm variant, or for $19999 for the 40mm version So, is it worth the nearly $200 price tag? Yes, absolutely Withings really hit the nail on the head with the Steel HR It’s accurate, affordable, comfortable enough to wear all day, and downright gorgeous

Not only that, it sports a digital display that, while not of the greatest quality, offers a unique take on bringing a digital screen to a traditional analog watch design No, this device isn’t for everyone It doesn’t offer an on-board GPS, nor is the digital display great for outdoor use But for everyone else looking for an attractive, well-built fitness tracker that doesn’t actually look like a fitness tracker, the Steel HR may be just what you’re looking for Have you had any experience with the Steel HR? If so, how do you like it? Be sure to give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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