Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet Review| Tech Stuff


hello everyone if you're looking to start animating professionally or doing digital art I suggest the Wacom Intuos draw it's cheap affordable and worth every penny but by the way this video isn't sponsored so yeah you can get this at Best Buy's or Amazon or some tech stores on to the unboxing the first thing you see is both the tablet and the pen itself the pen has two programmable buttons to enable quick shortcuts and it's very lightweight mimicking the weight of a pen or pencil the tablet is thin and easy to carry and also has buttons that are pretty satisfying to click underneath the tablet is a cable that attaches the tablet to the computer and the box that contains the CD to download the tablet into the computer also contains the instructions and the warranty things the table has pressure sensitivities meaning it makes a thicker stroke if you press harder I was going to draw in Photoshop but it took too long to run so I just drew on MS paint and it works like a charm hope you guys enjoyed this tech review and like this video if you want to see more tutorials and how you can become a better animator by the way this Wacom Intuos draw cost about $70 on Amazon and I'll put links in the description below if you want to buy it thank you guys for 15 K subscribers and make sure you like comment and subscribe see you guys in the next video

has pressure sensitivities many it's made from the the tablet has pressure since the sensor tiptoe

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