Vertex impress x сброс аккаунта гугл. FRP reset


Hello everybody! I went in for repair next device – this phone Vertex impress x With typical malfunction: "On the device repaired default settings

To continue, sign in to your Google Account, which was synchronized with it " And "Next", we generally did not press Will explain Starting with Android 51, if the device was a google account and you made he hard reset button, then the initial setup it is him respectively, will demand

This happens when you reset or when the phone firmware And now I'll show you, you, yourself, You can bypass this block We will need a little training, namely, to the description of this video has link to the archive, now I try focus, here it is, it's called apk stark There are two files: 16

apk and 2apk We razarhiviruem them Well, for example, to your desktop Next, connect the phone via microusb conventional cable to the computer

And these two files copy, directly to the phone Well, let's copy, in, for example, download folder (Put) Done! In fact, the computer we do not need it anymore Turning off the phone And do the following: press the "Back" -> "Add Network" write here anything

"Menu", select what we have written, press "Menu" -> "Send" Next, we see here for Gmail Click on Gmail and hold Push the "Notice" "Application Settings"

(Now I will try to focus) Next, click here to these three points (approx) "Manage Accounts" "Continue" Ourselves, directly, in the phone settings So, we shake down further, select "Preset" Turn on the "Smart Insert" -> "Gesture operation" -> "Smart switching"

Then select the "gesture of scratching up" "Open Application", select "File Manager" Done Now perform the following operation: Switch off the phone and just swipe your finger upward (let's try again) So something I have not included again "Gesture operation" -> "Smart switching"

"The gesture of scratching up" Open the "File Manager" here And the "File Manager" to open for us Internal drive, go in the Download folder, and here we see two files, we downloads before We start the first 1

6apk, naturally allow installation from unknown sources 16apk – a special version specially prepared version of the google account, in which there is a hole

Re-launch and 16apk install them, agree with the fact that he offers us Buttons "is not open, only button "Done" Then run 2

apk "Install" Open the application, then click here for three points (approx), "Entrance to the browser" and here we introduce anyone, absolutely anyone, but really existing google account "Next", the password for obvious reasons I will not show you)

"To come in" Further, the "back", "back", coming out of the whole, where we stopped, click "Next" "Account added," and ready to go Click "Next" for some time now! will be updated, it is OK, the phone progruz and respectively, google account you already will not ask Now I'll show you clearly is

As a rule, it is really It takes some time Done! "Not right now," to protect the device we do not just do it for the client "Set up as a new device" "Further" Well, actually, everything! Phone loaded, but you have to understand one time if you do it like me: for client, after the phone progruz simply setting out make him a master reset, otherwise event here will be installed google account that you brought in the previous window If you have questions ask them in comments, subscribe to channel per channel, husky place

Thank you and goodbye!

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