Vernee M5 Review and Unboxing: DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS PHONE?


Hey guys! This is Tech Brothers Vernee company is very active recently

This chinese manufacturer releases a lot of smartphones for the last time, such as Vernee Thor Plus, Vernee Mix, and others Today we want to talk about another new smartphone Vernee M5 We received this smartphone some days ago from our partner GearBest online store In description, under the video, you can find links where to buy Vernee M5 cheaper Vernee M5 is budget smartphone, and it doesn’t have any latest features, like bezel-less design, dual rear camera, etc

At first glance, it is regular Android smartphone without any features So, let’s review it, and find out is it true or not The smartphone comes in white box Here we can see company logo on the front panel On the back there is specification list

Let’s open the box, and see what’s inside Here we meet smartphone It has factory film on both front and back panels We look at design of smartphone later Under the smartphone we can see USB cable, power adapter, user manual, and sim needle

It’s a pitty, but there is not headphones and silicone case If the headphones is not necessary, because they are often bad quality, though silicone case would be very useful Vernee M5 is made of plastic, that looks like metal It is really think smartphone, with 69 mm

Most of other budget devices have thicker bodies It is not bezel-less phone, so there is frame on the left and right of display However, they are almost invisible, thanks to 25D effect of protective glass Also, you should note that there is no Home button, and fingerprint sensor is located on the back

On the right side you can find power key and volume rocker The slot for sim card is on the left side It is hybrid slot, so you can use dual SIM card, or one sim card and microSD memory card Despite thin body, Vernee M5 has 35 mm audio jack on the top

At the bottom is microUSB port, and holes for speaker and microphone On the back panel of Vernee M5 is everything standard: the main camera sensor in the middle, fingerprint sensor under camera, and to the left is LED flash Plastic inserts for antenass are very thin and stretched horizontally So, Vernee M5 doesn’t have metal body, dual rear camera or bezel-less design, however, thanks to its 52 inch display and think body, it looks and feels very good

As I already said, Vernee M5 comes with 52 inches HD display Its neither too wide, like 55 inches, not to narrow, like 5 inches, so it is very confortable to hold and use with one hand Its an IPS LCD panel, which has 2

5D glass on top The colors and brightness are decent with good amount of saturation The resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels Yes, it is not Full HD, but not many people will feel the difference at this size Vernee M5 is powered by very common processor for budget Chinese smartphone – MediaTek MT670

It provides good performance for budget device, thanks to eight cores with clock speed 15 GHz One of the main feature of this chipset is integrated modem with supporting 4G LTE Category 6 networks It has download speed up to 300 MBps The chipset can handle most intensive processing without any lags

Also it has not problems with heating The maximum temperature it reaches up to 44 degrees Vernee M5 comes with 4GB of RAM for multitasking, and 64GB of internal storage with support microSD card up to 128 GB Now, let’s see some benchmarks New smartphone has about in AnTutu

It is really good result for budget smartphone, As for geekbench 4, here we can see in single core test, and in multi core test Later we will make video with performance test of this smartphone, and show you all benchmarks and real gaming experience Vernee M5 runs on Android 70 Nougat with VOS UI on top It is user interface from Vernee, that does not differ much from stock Android

There is no unneccessary Chinese apps However, you will get security updates and fixes through OTA The inferface works very fast and smoothly I don’t notice any problems while testing smartphone Vernee company says, that new smartphone can take photos no worse than Samsung Galaxy J5 2017

Perhaps, it is true, because specifications are almost identical Vernee M5 comes with 13-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera The camera app looks similar to other Chinese smartphones Here you can find different modes, such as HDP, panorama, and other settings, like photo and video resolution At the moment we can not tell you about camera quality

We have to test it, and then talk about photo quality Later, we will publish video with detailed camera test of Vernee M5 Despite very thin body, Vernee M5 is equipped with good battery capacity of 3300 mAh I should say, that OnePlus 5 has much more bigger sizes, and it received a battery of similar capacity The manufacturer promises about 240 hours of standby time, or 13 hours of playtime video

Please, check out the description, under the video, perhaps, we already made video with battery test We plan to publish this video in coming days What can I say about Vernee M5? It seems very simple Android smartphone for the second half of 2017 It doesn’t have latest features, like bezel-less design or dual rear camera However, we know that dual rear camera on budget smartphones is often fake, so I'm not upset

As for design, Vernee M5 has very thin body, and compact size, so it is convenient to hold in hand I think it is the most important thing So, Vernee M5 looks pretty good for its price By the way, the price of this smartphone is about $120 In description you can find link where to buy cheaper

And now we finish this video, however we will make at least three other with different tests, such as performance, camera and battery Please, check out description to watch other videos with this smartphone Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers

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