USI Tech Review – Why People Are Saying USI Tech Scam


Hello everybody, this is Jason Fisher from timeandfreedomcom doing a review on USI Tech and cryptocurrency

You know, I just want to start off by saying that I am absolutely for cryptocurrency I think it is a great way of earning income in the market by trading cryptocurrency, I think that it's going to be a thriving as it already is Currency outside of the US dollar I just want to be clear on that I'm not against crypto currency

But where the problem lies (and there's been a lot of controversy on this which many of you know that are in that space) is when crypto currency is combined with the multi-level marketing model Right now, USI Tech has not been able to produce their trading bot which is showing right now It's not showing any successful trades that are being made which is walking a very fine line of a pyramid scheme, or a Ponzi scheme Very similar to Zeek rewards If some of you remember back in the day that used auction site as a way to basically move money from one person's pocket to the next

Now I'm not saying that USI Tech is a Ponzi scheme Let me be clear It's just they haven't produced any type of legitimate bot that is part of the trading platform So I want to just spend a moment on I've been involved with the business; the home based business industry for 24 years And I think it's important that if you're going to build a business and you're going to introduce it to people that you know, and that you love, and that you care about, or maybe people that you don't even know

It's important that you know if the business is going to last long term Right now, we're not sure if these type of businesses are going to last So our credibility, I will tell you this out of my 24 years The most important thing that we all have in any business is absolutely 100 percent our credibility And when that’s lost, we lose everything

And I want you to understand that I made millions of dollars from a home based business industry I started when I was 17 years old I built an organization up to 5,000 distributors I don't know why they call them distributors because no one was distributing nothing in the end I went from 5,000 individuals down to 56 people

I literally lost everything I lost a million dollar home because I had 98, 99 percent of everyone quit my organization with no residual income at the end And my next 12 years made a huge impact and difference in my life; on the same jockey, on a different horse And if you're looking to build a business to last a lifetime, I'm going to share with you a business principle that you must have if you are going to create lifelong residual income in the home based business industry And there's an important universal principle

After I lost everything my first 12 years, I sat there and said, “If I'm going to build a business, if I'm going to throw my time, energy, and reputation into something again, I better go find something that really, really works with this universal principle” Because if I don't, I'm going to have massive failure But if I find a business model that absolutely coincides with this universal principle, that I'm going to have massive success and massive income, and be able to help many other people at the same time And that universal principle is the 80-20 rule We've all heard of it

Some of us have, some of us haven’t It's 80 percent of the money is earned by 20 percent of the people Or 80 percent of people don't do much while 20 percent of people do something And the 80-20 rule applies to every industry out there Take ten doctors, or ten lawyers, or ten chiropractors, or ten cab drivers, or you know you're eight are either going to not do much, and two are gonna shine

And that's in every single industry; the 80-20 And the same thing in the home based business industry 80 percent of people don't do much while 20 percent do something And what I've learned is if I'm going to build a business that's going to be successful, I mean it's something that the ‘80s could do That the ‘80s would stay active in because when I was in was the 20 percent of the deal or as we call it a 95/5 percent of deal

Where the only people who are in the five percent Well, who are the 80 percenters? The 80 percenters are people that don't have any sales experience Your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your next door neighbor, no one that has sales experience or tenacity, or drive kit, is not good at selling overpriced products that people could buy a lot less expensive at a store That's the 80 percenters If I was going to throw my time, and energy, reputation into something else, I knew that I needed something for the 80 percenters; the average person

And what I realize is what I was it was a 20 percenters deal I only had 56 people at the end and the only people I could justify those type of products and marketplace were the 20 percenters, and the five percenters The only people who can handle that type of rejection were the five percenters with the 20 percenters The only people I would stay ordering at the end where the five percenters and the 20 percenters because if they weren't making money, they weren’t staying as a customer And I said to myself, “There's the problem

” When you look at their home based business industry you see that they're all 20 percenters’ deals from the price point of the product to the people that can only promote that And then all the sudden, the clouds parted and it was like, “Ah ha” So it just all started to make sense It's that all these companies have great products, they all have great services But they all start changing people's buying habits if you're a product company to the tune of 120, 150, or 200, or 300 dollars a month and things that you never bought before that you would never buy long term

And when you weren’t making money, you quit as a customer And in the service deal like electric or gas, you’re asking people to switch their gas or electric when there's really no savings to do so And you're asking people to join for a hundred, or two, or three hundred dollars just to market that product, so then everything made sense Is that the only people who are in the end are most of all these home based businesses are the people all that are trying to make money And I said to myself, “If I could find a business on two levels

” Number one where I could find a business where the 80 percenters could want to be successful at, where they didn't have to justify overpriced products or services that didn't save someone money that I was going to have a huge [inaudible] [06:39] And here was number two If I could find a business that whether people made money in there or not, they still have value to be a customer first and foremost then I was going to have a very huge grand slam And it took me 42 companies to finally find a business model that now has been proven to be the most successful business model, and the home base business arena after 31 years because they do a few things different than the traditional home base business industry Here's what we're doing

I absolutely 100 percent know to a fact that if you're going to have long term success in the home based business industry with long term customers buying, you need to have products for all Things that people have to buy, have to use, and have to reorder It's not a niche market You're not convincing someone to buy something that they normally wouldn't buy It's got to be necessities that they're already buying

But here number two It's got to be better in quality than where they're shopping out for those necessities If it's not better in quality, then you're not gonna keep that long term Here's the biggest one right now; the third point It's got to be considerably less than the retail outlets

If it's not less than the retail outlets, why would they stay a customer of your store? If it's not better in quality, if it's not things that people have to buy, and if it's not price drastically less than where they were shopping, then you're not gonna keep the customer But if you've got those three things, that's going to be a huge win And here's number four You can have sales quotas for some of the participate asking people to buy more than what they normally would consume of those type of products or services Because the minute you start to ask people to buy more than what they normally would consume, then when the majority or the 80 percent are not making money, they're not even staying as a customer

You've got to have numbers on the board Whoever has the most numbers ordering month in and month out staying active, is going to be the person that wins in the home base business arena I had 5,000, it went down to 56 Now I have 5,000 active people ordering every single month; same jockey, different horse One had value for people to stay consumer long term

And when you have that, you can build internal wealth, you can build perpetual wealth, you can build long term residual income if you've got people staying active on the board Not because they’re chasing the financial dream of making money, but because first and foremost it makes sense to be a consumer over and out; that's so important I would love to spend some time with you, and to share with you the business model that I have chosen And many other industry leaders that have been burnt that creates long term residual income with over a 96 percent reorder rate where you can build the business to last a life time instead of a lunch time I'd be honored to spend some time with you

Click below, scheduled an appointment, and let us chat about the business model that right now in its 31st year is proving to be the most successful business model in the home based business arena And on top of that, growing faster than any startup home base business has ever been launched And I'm telling you, it's a very special time, it's a special place and I was just looking for my last one, not my next one Again, this is Jason Fisher from timeandfreedomcom

Thanks for spending some time with me today, and I look forward to chatting with you

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