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they're coming soon and as I said you'll start on the very first day that you purchase your package now you want to find out more effective to take you over to my back office not for 20 minutes I'm not going to take you through a long presentation but I believe that documentation obviously beats conversation and I wanted this to kind of show you that my back office I'll go ahead and refresh my back office here because I really do that I'll just go ahead and log out and I will log back in hopefully maybe internet in down in Panama we call it a third world country other people would would say that it's not necesarily but when you live down here one of the things that you really do miss is good consistent internet and it is something that unfortunately is very inconsistent as you can see here and I should have probably just left my window open because sometimes we get into these really long connection times so let me just go over to the other side and I'll turn it off until I could get my page up for you so I'm going to pause it and we'll see in just a moment all right we're back and I've got that screen up let me just jump over there and I can show you first thing you know is I want you to know that we are my actual back office over here so I just wanted to take a moment to show you a little bit about what can happen for you I'm not going to go through here me to webinars occasionally but I want to show you this the simplicity of what a little hard work will do I started like I said back on the 30th of March about 97 days ago I guess 98 days ago under a hundred days you can see that our team has already grown in just about 90 days all the way up to fourteen hundred and ninety members okay you can look at some of the most important things is this are this little box right here first of all with usi we have what we call bitcoin packages this is our second product and this is the passive profit sharing that is going to allow you to actually get paid even while you're sleeping at night even when you're out coaching your son's little league team or you're taking your family to Disneyland this is going to be earning you Monday money every week Monday through Friday five days a week every single week now each of these Bitcoin packages will pay you approximately 1% return of capital on a daily basis Monday through Friday that's five training days and the length of these Bitcoin trading contract packages that they'll actually earn you every Monday through Friday is a hundred and forty days that's training days Monday through Friday about seven months so over about 140 days you're going to be earning about a hundred and forty percent return on your capital okay what I need is that if I buy a thousand dollars worth of BTC packages at the end of the approximately seven months one hundred and forty to eighty days I'm not only gonna get the thousand dollars paid back to me but I'm also gonna earn an additional forty percent so on that example over a seven month period of time doing absolutely nothing other than letting us I do all of the heavy lifting for me that thousand dollars is going to be put back into my pocket plus another four hundred dollars in profit now you can buy as many of these the cost of a bit coin package is 50 euro in US dollars that would be around approximately 55 to 56 dollars right and so you can see another thing you can do is as you start to earn as you can see every time there is commission paid here I have about 0133 eight Bitcoin BTC because when you buy your Bitcoin packages you buy them with pin point and when you take me a whip draw they're gonna paint you in Bitcoin so this just shows you that I have that amount of Bitcoin if you want to go and you can just go over to google and type in Google and then just go to Bitcoin converter and if you ever want to see bitcoins currently at 25 16 per Bitcoin just paste that amounted and I will show you that right now there's three hundred and thirty six dollars and seventy seven cents that is over here in my available balance and I could withdraw that I could withdraw twice a day if I want if you want to take your money out or you can repurchase more Bitcoin packages that number 982 when I started back on the 30th of March just about 97 98 days ago I actually started with 18 and you can see that I'm just about ready to go over a thousand of these Bitcoin packages and each of these is earning for me every Monday through Friday I don't have to do anything you can just come down here and you can see down here at the bottom you can scroll you see where it says daily BTC package for and then each one has its own all of these are Commission's that are being paid automatically to the bitcoin packages that I have these other Commission's here are people that I have directly referred these people here were assessed 171 people every time they urges a Bitcoin package or repurchase a Bitcoin package I'm also going to get paid 10% and so will you on anybody that you want to refer that starts to purchase these Bitcoin packages also you'll notice that there's about 1300 people and my downline those are not people that I have referred but what that means is I'm gonna earn either 3 percent or 1 percent on all of those people who are in my first 12 levels of my compensation plan and once again every time they purchase a brand-new Bitcoin package or they repurchase using their own money or the Commission's down here and do a rebuy you're going to get paid either 10 percent 3 percent or 1 percent over and over and those are completely separate from your daily earnings here that every night when they run these daily earnings in this example I'm gonna get paid 1% on every single Bitcoin package that I own and if you want to look at packages and contracts you can go into your back office and these are the actual packages it shows you the first time I bought one was on the 31st of March 2017 there were 7 BTC packages within this one contract so you can buy more than one here you see one here you see 15 and you can see I've got 298 right now that are active so I can open that up and I can scroll all the way down to the bottom back here and I can see all of these are active and there's my most recent one it's gonna get paid for the first time today you can see 10 packages I bought yesterday the day before I bought about 15 18 the day before that 18 the day before that damn and it shows you the number of days that it's run it showed you how much it's earned for you so far and you go all the way up to the top and you can see my oldest contract has been running today will be the 71st day and this is what it's paid out so far these seven BTC packages so you can check out everything that you need to back here in your back office so as we close this I just wanted to encourage you because many of you have been getting my emails now for the last couple three months and yet have not taken any steps to join maybe the person that sent you this little recording today basically wants to make sure that you know about this because there are so many people in the United States Europe and Asia all over the world Australia New Zealand that are looking for a hands-free simple way to be able to earn money even if they never want to recruit because I wanted to show you that this return of capital has nothing to do with recruiting anybody this is just the daily Monday through Friday return that I have earned in my first 97 98 days that's eight Bitcoin and we're at about 2500 so if I take eight I've earned twenty thousand dollars in just over 90 days passively that's right without having to sell anything or purchase anything or to recruit anybody okay this is the earnings now for me I'm different than you I've also earned 23 Bitcoin times 2500 I've also earned just under 60,000 that's almost $80,000 that we have earned with us I in our first 97 98 days that your results are going to be either far greater or far less than that this is not to entice you it's just to show what you can't do nobody can hold you back nobody can tell you that you can't succeed with us i Tek 100 100 percent of every team member that I haven't rolled and that is on my team of that 1500 I don't know how many of those 1500 have not yet purchased their first BTC package but of those people whether it's a thousand or 1200 whatever that have every one of them is getting paid every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday and even if they never recruited even one person does this sound like something maybe you should read ress if it is I want to encourage you to get back to the person who thought enough about you to get this short training and hopefully it's been helpful I wanted to get it out to all of my 500 people and my team so that they could have a tool that they could send out and hopefully those people that take this next 30 minutes or 40 minutes whatever this recording has lasted will be able to watch this entire presentation and realize that there is really hope for you because you've got to start asking yourself we're about halfway through summer vacation in another 6 to 8 weeks the kids are going to be back in school we just passed the 4th of July now we're heading towards what they call Labor Day which is the first weekend of September and you know depending on where you live some kids go back to school the middle of August some go back late August some go back the first week or so of September and then you're going to be looking at that transition period again okay kids are back vacations over all of the bills from our vacations and our purchases are coming to what am I gonna do and before you know you're going to be at the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's and you're gonna still wonder you're gonna between but isn't it nice to know that you can take steps right now to change your life forever so what did you do get back to the person even if you don't decide remember there's no cost to join us I so there's never an excuse that you can't afford it it's just that you're not hungry enough yet to take the step and let us change your life for you all while you do what you do already on a daily basis you see there's just no excuse for you not to succeed with us I Dec so get back to the person let them know you want to find out more we're going to be doing a live presentation this Sunday night that is the 9th the day after tomorrow the 9th of July at 9 p

m Eastern send an email to your spot the person who sent you this recording and let them know that you want to attend so they could get you an invite link sent out and you can join us this coming Sunday night at 9 pm Eastern Time thanks so much for watching I hope this has been helpful god bless you and we'll see at the top with usi tech

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