What's going on guys, this is Mike again with another video and today, I want to talk about us high tech us I think is not a new company by any mean it's been on the market for one year, and it's been giving Consistently one of the best companies out there I looked at this platform Maybe six or seven months ago, but I never got into it because I didn't feel like hey

There's a coin There's a token That's back in it Well recently they just had their one year anniversary and they invited a bunch of techies and Everybody got together in London, and what they did they came out with a token? This is getting so Interesting to me right now guys this company is huge space in Dubai and it's one of the most Legit companies out there when it comes to cryptocurrency okay, so we got to talk about it today I'm gonna shed some light on it, and I would recommend you join this platform because this is one of the least riskiest Platform to jump in you know the people you know everybody behind it, okay? So USI Tech is a tech company they invent stuff they invent technology software technology and hardware technology they had their one-year-anniversary in London And they revealed a couple things first their token they revealed their token That's going into ICO and number two they revealed I'm sort of a magnet technology that will actually eliminate electricity when it comes to mining so you won't have to use that much electricity In order for you to mine Bitcoin or aetherium or whatever you that it is you wanna mine? So that's what they that's what their goal is let's look at it Let's look at it together So you a SciTech live guys these are the people behind them, they're coming out They're telling you

This is us We've been here for a year We're doing great Okay, if you scroll down Right here you see the CEO is horse Teesha Who's that a German guy Mike Kiefer Ralph gold davon Michaels? this is a company with an agenda guys and They have been proven There's nothing else to talk about they have been proven Okay, so they're ICO is in effect right now, okay, and it just opened up five days ago, so we're gonna look at it okay, we're gonna log in right now and By the way, I used one of my subscribers Referral link I asked what's his email right here It's Ruffy a menace Shout-out to you my friend I asked him what's his email address and I emailed them? To sign up and give me his referral link so I can sign up under him remember This is what we're gonna start doing guys

We're gonna give back It's not all about me, but we're gonna give each other We're gonna help each other and we're gonna guide each other We're gonna win together, and we're gonna lose together Don't think this is a 100 percent safe journey We're gonna win some and lose some okay, but I can't I can tell you that if you do your research Very wisely you can win more than you can lose okay, and then you'll make out beautifully okay? So moving on so what we're gonna do we're gonna log in and This is what their back and platform So guys look at this we're gonna look at this right now so 500 million tokens or have been allocated for sale Five days 30 million tokens have been sold you will get every token right now around 60 cents or 55 cents something like that forty five thousand people have already Signed up to buy this token guys This is one to trust just because they have their team they have been proven They've proven themselves and been on the market for a year Hey guys, so this is how they're gonna sell their package okay, so 100 tokens You'd get no bonus 5,000 tokens you get one bonus first bonuses 10,000 tokens 20,000 50,000 a hundred thousand and all the way so total purchase activity Obviously I haven't bought any but I am going to buy right after I finish this video Okay, so how do you buy it you go to package option you select place order? And then you will see what they will do daily pea Monday through Friday is one percent guys They don't work on Saturday and Sunday And they have been doing it this way for the longest they're tokens so if you could buy one silver package its $58 you can buy as many as you want so what I'm gonna probably do is buy a gold package one gold package You know right out this way I think these people are gonna grow big once you select purchase You can select as many packages as you would like to purchase so guys

This is what us I-tech is all about it's a trustworthy platform a lot of people have been doing it They have been involved in it what I'm going to do is I'm gonna put Rafi's link down below I'm not gonna put any links that belong to me one of my subscribers asked me can I can you put the link? I'm gonna put his link down below Please select and sign up under him if you have any questions if you have any comments just leave it on the comment below Make sure you subscribe guys make sure you hit that like button keep in mind that We will give away a thousand if connect when the ico ends I'm still getting your feedback on it I'm gonna either give 10 people 100 if connects or I am going to give one person 1000 if connects let me know what your thoughts are in the comment below You must be a subscriber you must like the video in order for you to win I would announce when we're gonna do with the drawing it's not gonna Be just quite yet but I recommend you subscribe to this channel and let's build the community remember my Telegram is down below click on it and join the team and if you have anything to say just voice your opinion Okay, guys Thank you so much for watching until then stay safe

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