Unlock your potential with RBC and be globally mobile


RBC has actively supported my ambitions and shown me how effective an employer can be in terms of thinking outside the box, particularly in terms of career development When my partner and I wanted to relocate from Jersey to Guernsey RBC were hugely supportive

I was easily able to transfer to our Guernsey office, with no change to my role or to my flexible working arrangement which made childcare commitments much easier When I volunteered for an international role a few years ago RBC not only asked me to go to Singapore, but placed confidence in me by asking me to take on a more senior role knowing I could walk straight into a job that I loved in Guernsey was one less thing that I had to worry about, and really help take the pressure off Since returning to Jersey I've also been lucky enough to spend some time leading a team in a completely different area in the fiduciary business That's really added a new layer to my knowledge and experience

The fact that RBC have been so supportive makes me feel they really care about me as a person, and they value my contributions to the business RBC is not an employer that stereotypes people, and doesn't pigeonhole people into one job or one location It really helps each individual in the business reach their potential, wherever or whatever that might be you