Unlock Samsung Exhibit II 4G from T-Mobile USA & T679M from Bell Canada by USB


Hi! This video tutorial will show you how to unlock a Samsung T679 OR T679M by USB First, purchase the unlock service from FastGSM

com Next, install and run the Fast GSM Samsung Client software Make sure your phone says: "Enter Network Lock Control Key" This means your phone is network locked To unlock this phone just press the Dismiss button and go to your Phone dialer Dial <i>#7284# and select the MODEM option

</i> Go back to your dialer and enter <i>#9090#</i> and select the USB option Now power off the phone Remove the SIM card and power on the phone Now go to Settings Applications Development and enabled the USB debugging option Now go back to the home screen and connect your phone to a computer via MicroUSB

Go to FastGSM Samsung Client software Fill in your FastGSM login and password information and select your phone model Then press the next button twice Now wait until the software reads your unlock codes And it also unlocks your phone Once unlocking is completed disconnect the phone from the MicroUSB

Power off the phone Now re-insert your SIM card and power on the phone Congratulations, your phone is now permanently unlocked! This service is not free You must purchase it at FastGSMcom Remember at FastGSMcom you can unlock BlackBerry, Huawei, HTC Motorola, Samsung and almost all other mobile phones

For more information, please visit FastGSMcom

Source: Youtube

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