How To Unlock LG K10 – Use it with any gsm carrier AT&T / Rogers / Tmobile / O2, etc.



What is up guys? Khristian here, I’m going to teach you how to Unlock LG K10 All right, so I’m going to show you how to do it step-by-step

It is very, very easy You will only need your phone, a sim card, and your computer So in this case, I brought my phone on MetroPCS, and I want to unlock it to use it with my T-Mobile sim card Now, this process is very simple It will also work for any other LG phone model, all right

So we’re going to unlock it, and after you unlock it, you will be able to use it with any GSM sim card in the world So it is very simple; however, I have to mention that it is not free Unfortunately, there is no possible way to unlock an LG phone for free, but trust me guys, it is worth every penny to have your phone fully factory unlocked to use it worldwide with any GSM sim card of your choice Now, with that said, let’s begin with the video So we’re going to open the phone application just as if you were dialing a call, and you will type the following command: *#06#

As you will see, your 15-digit IME number will appear on your screen This is probably the most important step We only need this number to unlock this phone, Unlike other phone which need code to get unlocked, Your K10 needs the MetroPCS Android Unlock app which we will do remotely,visit our website UnlockStreak

okay So once you’re on that website, you just need to fill in your information of your phone, and we’re going to request the unlock app here So we’re going to start by selecting the original carrier My phone is currently locked to MetroPCS, and then you select the exact brand of your phone, all right Of course, we’re going to be unlocking an LG phone, and then select the model

We’re going to look for the model LG K10, We select that one, and next you will have to enter your 15-digit IME number Remember, that’s the number we got at the beginning of this tutorial, so just make sure you write it down there 100% correct If there’s a mistake there, this method will not work The final step is to write down your personal email where you want to receive your unlock code, and just make sure it is correct because they will send you your unlock code to this email

All right, if you scroll down, you will see an average delivery time and the price to unlock your phone The price and delivery time vary depending on your phone’s carrier; that’s where they take that amount of time to unlock your phone, so it depends directly on your carrier All right, the next step, you just click unlock now, and you will see a summary of your order Just make sure you read everything here It is very important, and as I promised, I was going to show you step-by-step how to unlock it, so we’re going to proceed to the check out

So we’re going to click here, and once you’re in PayPal, you can create an account if you don’t have one or use any other method of payment I do have a PayPal account, so I’m just going to log in really quick So once you’re logged in, you just click where it says Pay Now, and that’s it guys It should take probably five seconds, and we should see a confirmation message So let’s just give it a couple of seconds

All right, as you can see here, it says thank you for your order, and that’s it That’s all you have to do for now, and you have to wait It can take 10 minutes It can take one hour and up to two business days to get your device unlocked So once you have waited the estimated amount of time, you will check your email

We will send you an email which says, your unlock code is ready, step-by-step instructions on how to enter the unlock code, and, of course, the most important part, the actual unlock code So right now, I’m going to show you how to insert the unlock code into the phone So we’re going to power off completely the phone, okay So we’re going to press and hold the power off button here on the top and click where it says power off

So once your phone is fully off, you’re going to insert the new sim card you want to use your phone with So my phone is currently locked to MetroPCS, so I’m going to need a sim card that is different from MetroPCS, so in this case, it can be any other GSM sim card I’m going to use my T-Mobile sim card because I want to use my phone with my new carrier, T-Mobile So I’m going to insert it here, and we’re going to power on the phone, okay It will take a few seconds until the phone is fully on, and once the phone is on,

So it is as simple as that guys Now you can use your phone worldwide with any GSM sim card, and once you’re phone powers on again, you will be able to make calls, send messages, and use your phone basically as any other GSM sim card So I hope this video helps you unlock your phone.

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