UNIC P1+ Mini LED Projector: REVIEW, Unboxing and Testing


Hi friends! This is Tech Brothers Today we have review of very interesting gadget

It is pocket projector called UNIC P1 Plus Mini Pocket projectors earn their name from being very small sizes to fit in your pants pocket UNIC P1 Plus Mini weight only 200 grams It has brightness of 30 lumes, Contrast of 800 to 1, native resolution of 640×360 pixels, and projection Size from 10 to 80 inches The most interesting part – its price is about $70

You can find links, where to buy cheaper in description under the video So, let’s start our review with unboxing UNIC P1 Plus Mini comes in a black box Inside the box, there is user manual, projector, and USB cable It is a fairly modest packaging, but nothing else is needed! As we said, pocket projectors, also known as mini projectors, earn their name, because they can fit into a shirt, or pants pocket

If you’re tired of heavy projector for your presentations, pocket projectors are excellent options Neither can provide the same brightness, or image quality, as a standard projector, but they’re suitable alternatives UNIC P1 Plus Mini has a form of cube Its dimensions are 46x47x48 mm and weight – 200 grams So, it is really small projector, that can be useful in many situations

You can use it outside, office, school or just at home The back panel provides some connections, such as 35 mm audio jack, microUSB port, and microSD card slot Also, here is the volume control On the left side, there are control buttons, power, play, OK and back button

On the other side, we can see some specification list We talk about it later If we talk about specifications, then first of all, we should say about brightness UNIC P1 Plus Mini has 30 lumes Also, mini projector comes with 800:1 contrast, image system DLP, projector distance of 0

3 to 4 meters, projection size from 10 to 80 inches The native resolution of UNIC P1 Plus Mini is 640×360 pixels However, projector supports video with resolution up to 1080 p The device is equipped with 950 mAh battery It is enough for about 1 hour of video playback

If you need more, you can connect projector to charger via microUSB port, such as laptop, computer, or power bank By the way, UNIC P1 Plus Mini comes with built-in speaker You can use UNIC P1 Plus Mini with different ways You can insert microSD card to watch photos, movies or listen to music Also, there is a possibility of wireless connection with smartphone or computer through Wi-Fi

You just need to install special media streaming application, such as EZcast, then choose UNIC P1 Plus Mini to cast The projector has user-friendly navigation interface All files, that are stored on microSD card, are divided into sections: music, movie, photo, ebook, explorer, and settings It seems the system automatically determines the file by format, for example, MP3 is music By the way, UNIC P1 Plus Mini supports different video formats, such as, mp4, mpeg, avi, mkv, and others

Thus, you can play almost any video file and not only video The projectors are mainly used for movies, and presentations We decided to play the movie, and look at its quality It is recommended to use the projector in total darkness So, what can we say about UNIC P1 Plus Mini

Its main feature is small size and easy to use Also, the projector is very cheap For just $70, you will get really good projector with nice picture Of course, it has some drawbacks, such as bad sound, and brightness is not very high However, the brightness is enough for regular user

As for the sound, you can connect external speakers via 35 mm audio jack It is not a big problem Thanks for watching! Under the video, you can find links, where to buy UNIC P1 Plus Mini cheaper Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers

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