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Hi guys! It’s hard to stand out in the smartphone world, especially if your phone doesn’t do anything unique LG knows this and has never shied away from trying new ideas

It was one of the first companies to make use of curved screens, and last year, it released an insane smartphone with a “magic slot” that let you plug in accessories, including a camera and a speaker The phone was a disaster It was poorly reviewed, and few people bought it This year, LG is hitting the reset button with the G6, a modern flagship with all the essentials and not much else First let’s see the box itself, and find out how it looks

On the left side of the box we see this beautiful inscription: «Life’s good when you PlayMore” On the top there is an inscription of the LG logo On the right is the smartphone manufacturer’s label On the back of the box there are basic technical features, such as the Snapdragon 821 processor and LG logo Now let’s open the box and see what’s inside it Here we see a beautiful smartphone LG G6

At first glance, the G6 makes a hell of a good impression It has a large, beautiful 15cm display that takes up nearly the entire front of the screen There is a cardboard sheet, on which there is a special tab to get the smartphone Next we see the following configuration This is a charger from LG

One of the big things that concerned me leading up to the G6’s launch was its potential battery stats Clip to open the SIM card And the usb cable for information transfer Ok, now let’s look at the smartphone itself The first thing you need to talk about with the LG G6 is absolutely its display

LG’s new “FullVision” display is a 57-inch, QHD panel with an 18:9 aspect ratio While 57-inches sounds big, it’s not unwieldy on the G6 since the bezels have been trimmed along every side It’s not as jaw-dropping as the Galaxy S8, but it’s very good-looking and functional too

The LG G6 seems to be launching in the US at the worst possible time The phone uses Qualcomm’s 2016 SoC—the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821—in 2017, making it already seem dated The G6 is also launching right as Samsung’s hype machine for the Galaxy S8 is revving up G6 will hit store shelves one week after the Galaxy S8 launch event, which is sure to steal some customers away Is there any reason to pick up a G6 when the Galaxy S8 is looking like one of the best Samsung smartphones in years? The LG G6 again goes with the dual rear 13MP camera design

The “extra” camera just seems a wide-angle version of the main camera with similar, if not identical, performance To match the 18:9 display, the G6 takes extra-wide pictures by default The inclusion of a wide-angle lenses on the front and back of the phone makes the G6 better (and honestly more fun) than Google’s own flagship Pixel at taking photos It gives you more options for capturing, and the image sensor is roughly the same level of quality as the Pixel I found the camera to be responsive and excellent for framing shots

The Snapdragon 821 in the LG G6 performs identically to all the other Snapdragon 821 phones we’ve tested The UI doesn’t seem too sluggish or heavy Like everything else about this phone, performance is totally adequate Like we’ve mentioned several times now, though, the 2017 Qualcomm chip is the Snapdragon 835 This will be the last Snapdragon 821 phone from a major manufacturer

The battery life was fine Nothing spectacularly good or bad, just middle of the pack For the price, you’re probably better off purchasing any of the other flagships on the market They all have more features, and equal or better hardware The iPhone and Google Pixel will also receive software updates sooner

And for only a few hundred dollars more the the Galaxy S8 will give you awesome extras including an iris scanner, artificially intelligent assistant, quality headphones, and much more This time LG played it safe — but it feels too safe Overall, the LG G6 isn’t the perfect phone, nor is it the best I’ve tried in a while It’s a great phone, but that’s about it For now, it’s worth mentioning, however, that it’s the only phone you can buy that brings the mostly-bezel-less display experience

As you probably know, that’s going to change soon In a vacuum, the LG G6 is fine It’s a simple phone with a great new design that doesn’t take any risks and makes all the same old mistakes when it comes to the software It’s a phone we’ve seen a million times before LG did a remarkable job of listening to the complaints about the LG G5 and fixing them, but that only moved the G6 from “bad” to “alright

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