The Smallest Usb Otg in the World!! Unboxing & Review [Eng Subs]


Hello guys Today I've received this tiny OTG Adaptor And I will test it to see if it works I have bought it for only $01 from the GearBest and i want to see how useful and convenient is it

it comes with this rubber sleeve with string for your keys, so you do not losing it It’s micro USB Let’s test it Nice Let’s turn on the phone As you have understood from the photo, it's not mine 🙂 Do I’ll open the file manager? Let’s see I’m just back, i couldn't find the option in the default file explorer, because i never used it, so i have open the ES Explorer, As you can see it says OTG Let’s open it It’s better to open a movie for testing As you can see plays it normally So this is the OTG adapter the world's smallest OTG adapter from GearBest Personally i have bought it for only $01 with the using of coupon, It isn't a lot more expensive from that, the normal price is about $1 So that all from me Bye bye!!

Source: Youtube

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