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Critical Review

Apple’s new iPhone 10s is a modest step up from last year’s iPhone 10 but for anyone who’s running anything other than the ten it’s a major leap forward the 10s comes in at the exact same premium price but you get quite a few more features mostly attached to the camera but also added performance extra RAM dual SIM and better cellular connectivity however there’s a major problem with the iPhone 10 s it feels just like last year’s iPhone 10 and if you’re gonna spend another grand you want to feel a difference sure it does have a new gold finish but a lot of people use cases anyways there’s also the larger 10s max which we think changes the whole game so we made a completely separate review for that

As for the iPhone 10s we don’t recommend buying it if you’ve already got the 10 unless you’ve got a pretty thick wallet but for everyone else let’s dig deep and see what’s so special about the new iPhone let’s start with the biggest and most valuable change the camera system.

Apple mentioned a new bigger sensor on the wide lens with deeper pixels which means more pixel well depth which allows each pixel to store more photons basically light before it saturates and starts leaking electrons to neighboring pixels which is basically what you know as noise deeper pixels also make for better color saturation and increased dynamic range just check out these two photos as you can see the 10s gets less noise much better colors in a huge jump in dynamic range but that’s not only due to the deeper pixels you can also thank apple’s new smart HDR feature in short the camera is able to snap more photos at different exposures in a shorter amount of time so that you don’t get any motion blur it then merges the dark images with the brighter images to get seriously impressive dynamic range

We’re talking high-end camera dynamic range for a quick example you can see a bright hot spot on the ceiling on the iPhone tends image as well as a dark spot under the vase the iPhone 10 S is able to keep the image looking balanced and natural and the colors look way better as well and you’ll see some of those same improvements in video as well as long as you’re not shooting at 60 frames per second plus you finally get stereo audio recording the camera is also a heck of a lot smarter now that the knurl in which we’ll get into later works with the image signal processor doing things like making portrait mode blur more accurate speaking of portrait mode there’s the new depth control feature this might remind you of other phones like the galaxy note 9 but with the 10s it’s basically been perfected with a much greater range of blur adjustment and it doesn’t just increase the size of the bokeh it wraps directional in relation to where it’s at in the frame just like a professional camera lens

Apple mentioned the speed of face ID is improved on the 10s but to be completely honest it still feels the same as an iPhone 10 on iOS 12 which isn’t a bad thing it’s already incredibly quick considering everything it’s doing when we compared the note 9 to the iPhone 10 it seemed like Samsung has finally cut up in terms of performance almost exactly a month later we’ve got the 10s with the new a12 Bionic chip built on a new 7 nanometer process leading to more performance while using less power in terms of the CPU there’s honestly not that much of a difference but looking at graphics we see a really nice performance jump this will help for everything from rendering apps to augmented reality scenes and games the new 8 core Neural engine can now process 5 trillion operations per second up from 600 billion with the Elevens neural engine which helps pave the way for the future of machine learning.

In terms of actual daily use anyone coming from an iPhone 10 or 8 won’t notice much of a difference besides camera improvements and maybe gaming performance improvements the display on the iPhone 10s is pretty much identical to the iPhone 10 but the OLED display is leaps and bounds better than any LCD based I phone display now here’s a really cool feature the tennis now has dual SIM which doesn’t mean much to a lot of people but anyone who wants to different plans or is using two different phones for two different reasons this might make the 10s worth it by itself the radios have also been upgraded with gigabit LTE and you can visually see the difference with new bands on the top and bottom of the iPhone 10’s tests showed that the performance difference can be significant but we tested this in our office and we got identical LTE speeds and I still got the same three bars of t-mobile service so the improvements assume your signal and network is strong enough to allow LTE speeds high

There’s also a new feature called Express cards with power reserved this means that if your battery dies you can still use your phone to get onto the subway bus or enter your building if they support NFC based access on that no battery life is rated at 30 minutes longer than the iPhone 10 but if you really care about that get the 10s max with an hour and a half longer battery life the included 5 watt charger is a joke when you’re paying $1000 especially when Apple teases you with fast charging support which requires a power adapter from a macbook the 10s also doesn’t come with the Lightning the headphone jack adapter which is disappointing for some but I use ear pods so I could care less all in all when directly compared to the iPhone 10 the iPhone 10’s is a modest upgrade with significant improvements to the camera is it worth dropping another thousand bucks this year not unless you have too much money to care now if you’re going from anything other than the iPhones hand we think you’re seriously gonna love the iPhone 10’s sure you’re used to the home button but it’s a sacrifice you’re gonna have to make within a couple of years anyways now if you’re coming from a 7 plus or an 8 plus

We think the 10s max and its massive screen is perfect for you but if you don’t want that large of a phone anymore don’t worry that 10s ‘kiss the same exact camera system if paying a thousand dollars for a phone sounds like too much for you you’re probably best waiting for the iPhone 10 R as it offers more colors and many of the benefits of the iPhone 10s including portrait mode with depth control however it still got an LCD display with less than 1080p resolution last year

Apple made a giant leap forward with the iPhone 10 and its success completely shook up this year’s iPhone lineup the 10s on the other hand isn’t another giant leap but it’s continuing down the path of Apple’s brilliant rethinking of the entire iPhone platform with significant camera improvements thrown into the mix for good measure so if you’re someone who skipped the iPhone 10 its a giant leap indeed and seeing as it’s got the same thousand dollar price tag you should be more than happy that you waited for the 10s I know I am thanks for watching guys we’ve got a whole bunch of iPhone 10s and Apple watch series for videos in the pipeline so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already because we’ve got some pretty interesting stuff coming soon trust me if you enjoyed this video like it and hit that scribe button also check out a price guide which makes it extremely easy to find the best deals and Apple products updated daily be sure to follow us on social media and we’ll see you in the next video

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