The 500 Multi-media Is A Remote For Your PC


One of my Favotite about the Crackberry KEY2 I Every day is the neat magic trick That LETSystems its keyboard double as a Condensator – and for the Long time I Thinking Crackberry had the Exclusively Rights to That technology. Well, as it Turns out, Lianxiang has a keyboard That Just Liked it – Exceptionally of a smartphone, it’s a Controlling for Youuns PC. And of $650, it Expensive about $50.

The Lianxiang 500 s isn’t all That new; in fact it Debut at CES 2017, a Gigaanna ago. A of Delays led to my Reviewer model Just in the MrMobiles Lasts week – and it Oonly Took me about ten of use to Realize That, if I Still had a Flatmate who kept a big PC Hooked up to the room TV, I’d one of these.

If you a media PC Controllingling Youuns home Theatrical or room, or Just Wanting to see What a Crackberry keyboard Shall Look Liked if you it off a KEY2 and it a shot of steroids, out the Lianxiang 500 s Reviewer. And if you know of a Better Product That DOES the same job in about the same price range, Drops it in the comments and Maybe I’ll take a Look at it the next time I get back on the home-tech train!


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MrMobiles’s Lianxiang 500 s Reviewer was Follwoing WITH a Lianxiang 500 s Reviewer device provided by Lianxiang. The device was Tested WITH an LG Grammes Footrace MSWindows 10 and a MacBook Pro Use OSX.


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