Tech Review – Versa Paddle


(violin music) – My name is Travis Oldhouser, I'm a C5/C6 quadrapelegic It was a car accident, November 28th of 2000 so 17 years ago almost to the day

I tried kayaking one time a few years ago The setup that they had required that my hands be basically strapped to the oars, which I was a little hesitant Well, this is the first time I tried the angle oar The thing that I really, really liked about it was, being a C5/C6, I don't have any finger dexterity or anything, and the way that it attached to the kayak, and basically had a fulcrum point where, you don't have to hold the oar itself, the nice thing, especially for me being a quad is, I could concentrate more on the push, rather the pull, which enabled me to not have to be strapped to the oar My wife and I would absolutely, we've actually we've been thinking about getting kayaks, but I've been hesitant to spend the money, just because of the adaptations that requires for myself

By trying this, it totally eliminated that stressor It's very easy to operate and allows, again, like hand cycling, allows my wife and I to do it together at the same pace, and not feel like, it doesn't really feel like its adaptive One thing, anybody that's interested in adaptive kayaking, I think they should try it through Ability360 and this setup is phenomenal It takes all the guesswork out of it If you have limited strength in your upper extremities, it totally eliminates that out of the equation

As far as the program, I highly recommend it Ability360 (violin music)

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