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The DJI maverick Platinum is the update to the wildly successful DJI maverick I purchase my Fly More combo 90 days let's have a look at what's of the box The first thing you notice about the drone is a physical size Toaster

Drone Toaster Drone Toaster Drone It has an exceptionally small footprint that is comparable to a DSLR or portable speaker

The Platinum is the same size as a previous version with the legs expanding from the body Beyond the platinum finish there are only two updates with this version the noise and flight type The Platinum gets an additional three minutes flight time per battery and it's 60% quieter It has a bunch of features to make it easier to fly and prevent you from losing or crashing it Takeoff is similar to unlock in an iPad you just swipe to the right Unlike cheaper toy-level drones the Mavic uses GPS to know its position if you take your hands off the controls it doesn't drift in the wind or crash to the ground it just hovers smoothly when you're learning to fly there is a beginner mode that limits a distance and height of the drone as well as the speed that it will move at

This combined with the autonomous hover makes it easy to learn how to fly you don't need any previous drone experience The Mavic also has front sensors that high light when you were getting close to an object the colors changed from green to yellow to red as you get closer and the drone will slow down as he continued to get closer and an alarm will even sound the controller uses your smartphone as a display so you can see what the drone sees it also displays a series of useful information such as a map you can use to fly home The Green Line shows a direct path back to the take-off point the dynamic power bar shows you how much time is left on the battery and there's a H when you need to return home you can also see the strength of the controller and of the satellite connection at the bottom of the display the height and distance of the drone relative to the take-off point to shown and at the top the current camera settings the controller symbol allows you to enter a series of smart modes I found most of these modes were fairly useless for example tap fly lets you touch the display to direct the drone without use of a controller the mode I found genuinely helpful were active truck which lets the drone follow an object and perform a perfect cinematic circle around it Tripod which is good for taking photos this drastically reduces the speed of the drone and allows some minor adjustments Cinematic mode is my default mode, it creates much smoother pictures as you're flying and sports mode is great for getting around high speeds if you want to follow a car or you're battling against strong winds this mode should have enough power to drop in sports mode the drone can maintain 40 miles per hour perhaps the most powerful smart feature is the return to home if you have lost track of the drone or you just want to autopilot home there is a return to home button on the controller the drone records the point of takeoff when you press the return to home button it elevates to a safe altitude travels directly back to that point and lowers safely to the ground by default if the drone loses connection with the controller it also returns home this feature even kicks in if the battery's low

While I love the Mavic it's not without its weaknesses DJI releases regular updates for the drone if you fly only once a month you'll probably need to update every time you fly the updates are often more than 100 megabytes and can take over an hour to install this is a significant barrier to having a quick flight The camera is the equivalent of a good smartphone camera It films in 4k so outside in good light the footage looks amazing but in low-light situations the camera does struggle The senses as I mentioned before on the front of the drone so they're very good at stopping hearing things as in going forward but if you move it left or right up down backwards there's no real senses to stop impact The camera has the ability to rotate up and down but not left or right to shoot left or right the entire drive needs to rotate and unless this has done very gently the smoothness of the footage is destroyed The worst issue that I continue to encounter is a phone display disconnecting this is particularly scary if you're flying over a cliff above the ocean I've been using the Samsung s7 but it doesn't seem to affect everyone with this phone but it is a semi-regular problem for me normally all reconnect after 10 seconds or so but a few times I've just had to use a return to home button and turn the entire drone on and off is a Mavic Platinum the right drone for you? Well it depends what you want at around 2000 Australian dollars it's exceptionally expensive this is especially true when considering that the DJ air and spark offer similar but not as good performance for a significantly reduced cost outside of the DJI family there turns available for well under $500 that are faster and tougher than Mavic The Mavic is a right drone for me the handling is fantastic the footage looks amazing I have a range of up to five kilometers it's just a fantastic piece of technology and I think is telling that what Will Smith started his YouTube channel his team bought a DJI Mavic

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