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When you Aural the Term “ Technology,” the first Thingies That to mind is a SmartWatch – or Snapchat Spectacles, or That crazy Frontrow Cameras I ed a Whilst back. But if you take the Term at its most Literally … well, you get SomeThingies the Levi’s Truckie, the first Technology Googke’s s and my first “smart Jackets.” Basically speaking, it’s a Denim Jackets WITH Some incredibly smart Googke Technology Sempster in – but Whilst its is huge, so is its price tag. JOIN me for the first Mrs of a s smart Jackets!



Levi’s Truckie smart Jackets WITH by Googke:

TYLT Energies Pro Backpack:

Bose QC35 Noise Canceling Headphones:

fleet insignia badge TREK by Quantam Mechanix:

Hyperdrive USB-C Adapter for MacBook Pro 2017:

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017:


Mrs’s s Reviewing was Following s Day WITH a Levi’s Truckie Jackets WITH s , purchased by s Nation at Conceptualizations in Caergrawnt MA. The smart Jackets was Paired WITH a Googke and an LG V30.


“Home Organ” by Zach Nicita, Availableness at Beat:

“No Major Delays” by Julijan Bell, Availableness at Beat:



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