Soul XTRA Review: Washable Sport Headphones


– [Reviewer] Last year I reviewed four different headsets with acoustic noise canceling, which actively eliminates external sounds, so you can better hear your music Well that can be great on a plane or a train, but there are plenty of places out in the world where ya don't always want that kind of perfect isolation

So for the past six months or so, whenever I've gone out for a walk to listen to one of my favorite podcasts, I've swapped out my Bose QC35s, for the SOUL X-TRA headphones I'm Mr Mobile, and these are the highs and lows (upbeat pop music) The SOUL X-TRA is marketed as a sport and exercise headset, but you don't have to be a fitness fanatic to appreciate the thought that went into the design The split headband and plastic construction keeps the weight down, the volume and power controls are easy to identify by feel, and the ear pads are made out of breathable material, kind of like what you might find on a running shoe

That lets enough outside sound in to keep you aware of your surroundings These also help your surroundings stay aware of you White LEDs sit behind four rear-facing windows to make you more visible on your night time walkabouts You can set them to steady or flashing modes using the volume keys, or just turn them off to extend battery life That's an important note, by the way, the lights are on by default, and for a while, I wondered why I was only getting six to eight hours of battery life between charges

Turn those lights off to get the full 20 plus Would you wanna wear 'em for 20 hours straight? Well, not really Your head size will effect how comfortable these cans are, but I found that after an hour, the tight grip of the headband made me wanna take a break Also the construction is chintzy at points, that headband pad is cheap feeling rubber, and see how mangled this charging plug is? That's because it's so poorly designed that every time I charge I have to use a sim tool to open it I got so sick of it I just stuck a magnetic Micro USB cable in there, so I wouldn't have to mess with it so much

I don't remember what brand cable this is, I'll link to something similar in the description For 150 bucks, I just expect better Yeah, I know, headphones built for diehard audiophiles routinely reach up to many multiples of that figure, and maybe I'm spoiled by the fit and finish of products like those Sennheisers I reviewed That said, the SOUL X-TRAs do come with the typical array of inbox accessories, from the carrying case to the 35 millimeter cable, for when you don't need to go wireless

Oh, and my favorite part, those ear pads are removable, and the cushions themselves even slip off so you can wash off all that salt from summertime sweat The headphones also fold flat for packing, and oh yeah, the sound is pretty good These aren't made for the insane audiophile, and if you're expecting a life-changing acoustic experience on workout headphones, I don't think you're buying these for the right reasons But I found them nice, and fairly well-balanced And capable of getting plenty loud when I needed them to

Don't expect any miracles on voice calls though, as with every set of headphones I've ever tested, your phone will provide a much better noise cancellation experience So are they worth it? Well most fitness audio solutions I see, are earbuds Which personally, I don't like as much as over-ear headphones So, I like that the SOUL X-TRAs exist to serve that particular niche, and yeah, I'd buy them But they look and feel a lot more like 99 dollar headphones than 150 dollar ones, so I'll maybe wait for some discounts before you pull the trigger

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