Samsung J7 Pro Review


Hi guys welcome to a channel svdm technical so in this video We are going to do a review on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, the price is about 20,000 Rupees and I bought it for 18,000 Rupees in Reliance Digital So,first talk about the physical features of the phone The physical features on first you can see the speaker and on the right say and their power on a button In the bottom you can see it 3

5 mm Headphone Jack and Micro SD Slot is the left and a charging port and a microphone so the left side they come a volume rockers and 2 SIM card slots so the main features of the phone are the fingerprint scanner is a main feature and the main other types are The fingerprint scanner and Sound sent to mother and always on display so the always phone display works very very good so you can see it the always-on display works very well, so I display So then you can see the option here, so if you off the phone so nice blue box You can see that almost on display It works really well So you can see it so Now let us talk about the fingerprint scanner and into the fingerprint scanner works very well nowadays – my finger prints in it so that You can even see it, so I'll set up my fingerprint scanner Simple pattern on the fish made So you can see it The Mandan our changes the form of humans and all so you can see the finger placed like this It takes a couple of minutes Okay You're gonna see the fingerprint is I don't know so let us take the court and Speed on the phone today Now You can see I'm my finger it unlocks You can see the speed of the it works very well

I it's my favorite feature of the phone so the second feature is our camera the camera comes with 13mp of f 17 Official in the primary camera comes with that didn't we have fun point and a picture so it comes with a resolution of 1080p the pro cameras so the screen comes with Super AMOLED screen which is 16m colors, and you can see the board is made up of few new matter So the octa-core processor one point sixty watts octa-core processor and the CPU comes with Mali money and the GPU comes with Dinos cortex a53 so you can see the I will show some pictures taken by Me so you can see it Also some just which are deacon I will show you the camera quality So if you see the camera only see the camera works very very So we are the sample which is I know you will say it? These are the stories which I Run from it, so these are the pictures I took it now you can see the clarity of this picture Yeah, you can see it so Yeah so so friends Today in this video this much of the review, so please don't forget to subscribe we do next time Thank you please subscribe my channel

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