Samsung j1 mini j105h сброс аккаунта гугл FRP reset


Hello everybody! I went in for repair next machine – is Samsung j1 mini, namely, (2016) j105 With typical malfunction: "On the device repaired default settings

To continue, sign in to your Google Account, which was synchronized with it " And "Next", we generally did not press Now I'll show you, completely free, at home, can yourself around this block But for this we need little preparation, namely, to the description this video has a link to the archive, to google drive It looks like this here: 1

5apk and 2apk Unpack it They have me already unzipped the desktop

Inside lie two 15apk file and 2apk What do we do with the usual cable microusb, Connect your phone to your computer

Hooked, copy the two files, Go in the device memory and copy, well, let's, for example, in the download folder -> Paste That is, here these two 15apk file and 2apk

we threw on the device, for ease of download folder close After that, the phone, take out the cable, connected to a computer, it to us is no longer needed What we do, click "Back" More "Back", "Back", "Back" leave most the initial menu Yes, I will not say, of course, that the device It works very quickly, entry-level phone, but nonetheless Here we come to the main menu, then, that we We do click with two fingers on the screen and keep pressed hold So we activated mode for the blind Click "Close" Click "Close and click twice any place

Next, draw a large letter L Pops up the Global Context Menu Further, "the TalkBack Settings" and double click into an empty space Next, we disable the function TalkBack To do this, simultaneously press the 2 key volume and hold "Suspend TalkBack", select the "tick" -> ok

All TalkBack is suspended and we in TalkBack Settings Motala to the bottom At the very, very bottom, choose "Terms and conditions", choose Chrome And so we got in google chrome Now on, press the "Continue" -> "Skip"

Here, select "Menu" -> "Help / Feedback" Choose any So, we find any text in the "Help / revocation" Next, select any text Well, even if it is so (approx) And click on the "magnifying glass"

For some time waiting So we launched Google Now Next, erase here (approx) And write files Run the "My Files" folder

"Memory Device", select the folder "Download" and here we see two files that we copied from a computer before First run 15apk Naturally, to allow fitting from unknown sources

And we are setting google account -> "Install" This is especially hacked, specifically prepared version google account, where there is a hole "Open" button will not only "Finish" Then run 2apk

"Install" And click "Open", then click here "Menu", "Login to your browser ' and here we introduce absolutely anyone, but really existing google account And, accordingly, enter the password, the password, for obvious reasons, I will show I will not) "Entrance" (Incorrectly entered your password 🙂 Click "Login", occurs entrance in all now press the "back", "back" "Back" Strictly speaking, press the "back" We go back to google and setup no, say so: this actually saying all that is now, no password by google account it you will not be asking

Since I'm just sorry for her and your time Wait until the phone "Protupila" and out to the main menu, we will not If you have questions please ask in comments Thank you and goodbye! and here, I think, has gone 🙂 Now I'll show it Account has been added and is ready to work -> "Next" respectively, then go through the whole configuration and the device remains fully unlocked

all Thank you and goodbye!

Source: Youtube

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