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– The Samsung Connect Home mesh router system creates a powerful corner to corner wifi signal throughout your home, for a fast, reliable connected network It can even turn any home into a smart home, and I show you how it works right now

What's going on tech squad? Andru Edwards here, Editor-in-Chief for GearLivecom If this is your first time here, this channel's all about tech, gadgets, and gaming, so if you're into that kind of stuff, feel free to hit the Subscribe button down below, along with the bell notification icon, so you don't miss any future videos We are continuing our smart home series with Lowe's Home Improvement Today, taking at look at this right here

This is the Samsung Connect Home smart wifi system Not only does it improve upon the wifi signal that you probably have in your home right now, but it also acts as a hub to control your smart home devices As I said, we're working with Lowe's Home Improvement on this smart home series Big shout out to Lowe's for sponsoring this video If you don't know, Lowe's Home Improvement sells everything you need to get started with your smart home, including smart lights, smart thermostats, smart cameras, and more

So, if you wanna start building your smart home, head over to your local Lowe's Home Improvement store, or Lowescom to check out all the latest gear So what makes the Samsung Connect Home so unique? Well, right here on the box, it mentions that the Samsung Connect Home is a three pack It's a three pack design What you get inside the box are three of these Samsung Connect Home routers

And the question that probably comes to your mind right away is, why would I need three routers in my home? I have one router, I get decent signal Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad Why would I need three different routers in my home? Well, the problem with homes today, is that they're so many different shapes, so many different sizes, on one end of the spectrum you can live in a small apartment, and on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, you may have a three or four story home, and both places need wifi, but one router is gonna perform differently in a small apartment, versus a multi-story dwelling That's where the Samsung Connect Home comes in The reason that there are three units, is because they act in a mesh configuration

What that means is, you plug one of these guys into your home internet connection, probably connected to a modem, and then the other two you spread throughout your home So let's just say you have a home where you have decent wifi, but in one area of the house, or maybe a couple areas of the house, it's not as fast, or just doesn't even exist at all You take the other two Samsung Connect units, and you plug them in where the dead spots are, and they'll talk to each other So in other words, if you have one of these connected to your router on the first floor, you can plug the second one in on the second floor, and get just as good coverage up there as you would on the first floor And then you can take the third one, and put it in the far corner of the house, where your signal is super weak, or maybe near your backyard, where you might wanna have signal as well, and all three of these routers will talk to each other wirelessly, spreading out your signal throughout your entire living space

Each Samsung Connect Home device can cover up to 1,500 square feet, so if you have three of them, you're covering a 4,500 square foot home At a maximum, you can connect five of these devices together, giving you 7,500 square feet of amazing wifi coverage You get up to 866 megabits per second on devices connected at five gigahertz, and up to 400 megabits per second for devices connected at 24 gigahertz On the back of each Samsung Connect Home unit, you'll find the reset button, a power input, and two ethernet ports

You can plug wired devices into the ethernet ports for a more solid connection, or plug these directly into your home network, if your home or business is wired That allows you to take advantage of even faster speeds, with ethernet backhaul, eliminating data from needing to hop between the nodes wirelessly Now, as amazing as it sounds to greatly increase the footprint of your wifi signal, that's not where things end for the Connect Home As I mentioned, these also act as hubs, to control your smart home devices That's right, the Connect Home doubles as a smart things hub, connecting all your Samsung and third party smart home devices to your wifi network

And, aside form wifi controllable devices, it also supports controlling Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z Wave smart home devices as well This allows you to control a variety of smart home appliances and devices remotely This includes security systems, smart locks, kitchen appliances, TVs, speakers, lights, and more, using the Samsung Smart Things app on Android or iOS So what that means is that, rather than having to jump between different apps to control different smart home devices inside your home, you can use Samsung's Smart Things apps, which the Samsung Connect Home talks to directly, to control all of your smart home devices I found compatibility to be pretty wide and extensive, as Smart Things works with devices from brands like LIFX, Ecobee, Lutron, Honeywell, Yell, Philips Hue, Ring, Google, and many more

So, if you're looking to increase both your wifi signal, and your smart home game, look no further than the Samsung Connect Home wifi system There you have it, guys That was your look at the Samsung Connect Home Any questions, drop them down in the comments below I'll meet you there for further discussion

Once again, big shout out to Lowe's Home Improvement, for working on us with the smart home video series, and for sponsoring these videos Now I wanna here from you Have you started building your smart home? What devices are you using in your smart home? Or, if you're looking for recommendations, drop them all down below I'll meet you there for further discussion Stay tuned for more smart home tech, coming soon

Any requests, as I said, comments below, and I'll consider them for the series going forward Don't forget, if you enjoyed this one, drop a Like on this video, and click or tap on my face when it appears here at the bottom of the screen in order to subscribe for free to the channel, so you don't miss any future videos Thanks so much for watching as always, guys I appreciate your support I'm Andru Edwards, and I'll catch you in the next video

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