Ryze Tech Tello Drone Powered by DJI and Intel Review | Flight and Camera Test | Part 2


Okay, so let's go ahead and get this thing powered on Just pushing the power button and you see the LED light on the front start to flash Set it on down here and let's find the Wi-Fi signal There it is we are connected Let's get our app open And we are ready to fly within about 30 seconds, okay So let me switch this around I want to start some video now the other thing that's pretty amazing about this is you're getting height Data, and you're getting Speed I believe that's what HS is feet per second, or it could be it's either Vertical speed or horizontal speed we'll check that out all right, so let's go ahead and auto launch I'm gonna start the video and Let's do an auto takeoff And right away, I'm gonna land because the wind is trying to take it away Okay, maybe I don't need to land Come on back over here that wind caught it really fast didn't it Okay, so one thing I need to do right off the bat is I need to It's fighting it – look at that that's crazy

I'm gonna kick it up to fast Just so it has a better chance of fighting that wind Are you seeing this?! get the heck out of here! Now it has those two sensors on the bottom look at how it's holding its positionyou've gotta be kidding me Wow, that is crazy, I wonder at what height it will work This is nuts And you see how it snaps back just like it has GPS? that is crazy You know it took me a long time to get a DJI product

I finally got one and I'll be introducing that on the channel soon But I have to say man They are far superior to any drone I have flown and you see it on this little thing right here I Can't believe it I cannot believe this Zippy little thing And yes, it is giving us see how it stops get the heck out of here ah Man okay, let me let me test this thing out, and stop being so enthralled by what I'm seeing okay Yes, it looks like it is giving us speed That Hs so it's giving us speed which not real sure how it's doing that without GPS All right, let's let's check out some of the features We still have 80% battery power All right, we know we can do flips So let's go ahead and try that too much high wind velocity let's try it again this mode can't be entered Okay, it's feeling the wind let's try the 360 Okay

It's not gonna let us do any of this special flight modes Which is kind of unfortunate okay here we go We've got up and out Start And it should probably be facing you when you do this, right? And it's just kind of going back not real far And I guess it's done Let's try it again This time with me in frame Wow I'm sorry man if I'm sounding like a fanboy, but I am super impressed ok let's try Let's try it again up and out Stop or start okay there it is up, up and away Ok so it's not going very high or very far very fast so I'm thinking this is you know something you can do indoors as well ok let's see if we can get some of the other features to work this one is just going to do a rotation in place All right, hopefully this video is coming through Looks like it's stopped at some point So make sure I get some of this video for you guys so It just does a rotation in place like that Ok the video stopped again, why does it keep stopping? Don't know if it's Okay, it's recording good All right Let me go ahead and take a picture or two here while we still have a little power Didn't get a chance to check the video quality yet, so we'll figure that out together And let's take another picture Bring it down and a little closer Okay, I just got to say right off the bat that I think this is a good buy This is a 100% buy and the reason why I say that is just The stability the features all work Okay, let's do circle, which is orbit Let me let me bring it over here, so we have enough room to do this Not sure how wide a radius is going to be, but let's go ahead and Do circle Okay, now when it's very windy it won't let you do it It's not real windy, but you see how it's kind of moving around a little bit there trying to keep its position So it won't let me do that I cannot believe this Alright, I'm gonna land it I'm gonna do a hand landing So too much wind velocity There we go, let's do this hand landing How cool is this man I'm sorry this this is the bomb yo, this is the bomb How in the world? Alright, anyway

Let's see if we can get through some of the other features Okay, so one thing you can do is you can Throw this In the air, and it will it will start up so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over this grass Just in case it doesn't work So I don't damage it and it says Click the icon above then throw the aircraft upward after the five second countdown the aircraft will automatically hover in place Only use this feature in an open area, okay Five seconds warning error code 74 not sure what that means IMU error please conduct IMU calibration oh boy I thought I already did that Let me go ahead and do the IMU calibration, and I'll be back okay, so you guys don't have to sit through that Okay, so I'm noticing a few quirks now Attempted to calibrate the IMU, and it kind of failed a A couple of times here when I did it the first time in video 1 of part 1 of this review It was successful, but you saw I got that weird error, so I'm not sure what's going on there and then I also noticed that I Had switched this over the flight speed over too fast, but when I went back I saw that it had switched back to slow And the other thing I had changed Was I changed the photo quality too high, and I saw that that had changed Back to normal too, so I'm not sure why that reset But anyway, let's uh, let's try to get back in the air We've got 37 percent battery life Okay, no errors oh Okay, so let me say this Mentioned before in part 1 of the review that I'm not a big fan of using my phone alone to control a drone But when it's this stable and this easy to fly Heck I don't have any problem with it This is kind of a camera bird You know where you do stuff like this and take selfies and You know stuff like this so let's uh Let's try this oh we were gonna try throw and go weren't we ok let's do another hand landing Seems like it's doing ok now I Got another warning

Don't no why it keeps doing that Alright, let's try this throw and go Tap this icon and It said after five seconds I don't see any countdown so I'm not gonna throw it Let's try it again click the icon then throw the aircraft upward after the five second countdown there we go ok the the props spin up Ok I guess you have to do it during the five-second countdown not after let's try it again Which would make sense to me ok it's spinning up there you go How cool is that? How freaking cool is this drone man? Okay, it's doing some wacky stuff there on me I Don't know if that's due to the IMU error I was getting Let me bring it back I don't want it to go too far look at this man that vision positioning is incredible It's absolutely incredible Okay, let's see Let's try this circle mode now We haven't tried that yet And let's see if I can get some video going See if we can get circle me to work Okay circle low battery all right darn it all right I'm gonna charge the battery up and we'll try again We kind of got interrupted by all the IMU stuff But yeah, man, I'm I'm super impressed and for the $99 price tag this is Absolutely worth it in my opinion absolutely And I don't think I mentioned that I might have briefly mentioned that You can actually program this drone

Now, I'm not sure, what all the ins and outs are I'm gonna look into that more and then I'll probably update you guys with another video on It but there's an app right now called scratch I believe and I believe it's targeted at kids So that they learn coding Okay, it's auto landing, I think Because we are at 8% battery yup It's auto landing Very very very cool man very very cool ok, it's not it's not landing Maybe it doesn't think it's safe to land Let me see if I can give it some throttle yeah, I can All right, I'm gonna take some pictures while it's Landing Really cool 7% Okay, it doesn't actually land let me try tap to land there you go Wow This is this is this is cool man All right Let me snap off some pictures

Just to make sure I get some So we can really see what the quality is like Okay, so I'm getting another warning here Aircraft stationary and level oh, okay I see maybe by me moving it around so much It's messing with the internal components like I said, there's a lot of technology in here So that could be why I'm not real sure, but anyway Let me wrap this portion up I'm gonna charge the battery up and then We'll see if we can test out the rest of those features alright Thanks for hanging with me Okay, so I got the battery charged back up and I Thought I would film out here It's light wind there's a little wind today, but not like it was the other day And I'm kind of closed in here so we should be in good shape so let's get right into this Start the video camera

Let's do our auto takeoff There we go The Tello drone is in the air Okay now Every time you shut down the app it's gonna default to slow, so I'm gonna move that to high right away And I'm also going to change the photo quality back to high Because it defaults back Okay, so first thing I want to do is What I try to do out Out there before I try to do an orbit or circle So actually let me come back out and move it over That way it doesn't hit anything and I'm gonna turn it so it's facing me What's up everybody Okay, let's move it out Give it a little altitude all right, let's go in here and That wind it's trying to pick up a little bit Start, okay It's doing it And I might have to take control here Stop stop stop, okay, stop stop stop stop stop stop stop, okay So you see those prop guards man this thing is amazing huh I hate to use those kind of words because I don't want to seem like I'm you know just too enthusiastic about it, but I'm sorry man I'm impressed with this thing

I mean I really am I mean If you like what you see just get one I mean seriously All right, let's try it again Matter of fact let's go out here Let's just go on out here Didn't want to walk in the soggy ground here, but just so that we have enough space We're gonna try this orbit out, okay? Let's do this right, okay? One thing I notice is that the Video recording does stop I'm not sure why it stops by itself Let's reengage it Okay, we're gonna try this circle again start Okay, let's see how well it does I'm just gonna stay stationary here sorry for the sun I Cannot believe this man can I lower it? Okay, you can't control it once it starts look at this man You're kidding me Wow the reason why I'm impressed is because I've tested so many of these Wi-Fi fpv Quads you know and they all have not all but some of them have The ones that have GPS they have this orbit mode They have some of these automated features, and they don't they don't do it this well They just don't okay, all right Stop my video again I don't why Let's restart it Okay, so that works what else do we have that we didn't try it we did flips Let's try this up and out again Hey there it goes, I don't think it goes very far Kind of like a mini droney Does it come back

It doesn't come back I'll bring it back and I'll do it again I think I was looking down Sorry about that Let's try it again We're gonna do up and out Start and I'll keep my eyes on the drone this time There it goes So that was that I think we did everything else let's do the bounce mole, it's kind of silly, but let's do it anyway Did this go back too slow again something's going on with With it resetting itself Now I'm not sure if that's something that they're they're gonna be able to update I'm sure they will but I'm not sure how soon they will I Guess is what I'm getting at okay This is the bounce mode And it'll just keep doing that until you stop it, so I'm just gonna stop it I don't I don't see the point Okay, let's go ahead and do a hand landing I'm gonna start the video camera again because it always stops itself Let's do a hand landing yes, and there comes Excellent freaking excellent, man Okay, now what we're gonna do we're gonna do a hand toss There you go Easy as that very very simple Let's fly it around a little bit looks like it's keeping itself in high and here again a Toy grade quadcopter that does not have GPS that functions like it has GPS crazy, man Okay, let me give it a little bit of altitude here, and let's see if it still keeps that same positioning Pretty much, can you believe this I cannot believe this? All right, let's bring it down Wow I'm a fan

Now I have a new DJI product that I'm gonna be unveiling on the channel soon So I have entered the DJI eco system if you will and That drone is the best drone I have ever flown in my life We'll just say that so kind of a spoiler alert So everything that people say about DJI drones Is Confirmed and affirmed by me, okay Okay guys well, I think we tested everything that we needed to test with this one I'm gonna be doing more videos with this thing man like I said, I'm gonna get that Bluetooth controller And I'll let you guys know how that performs with this And I'm expecting some improvements to it through firmware There's like a like you saw there's some glitches here and there, but let me Uh, let me go ahead and sit down regroup my thoughts and I'll let you know what I think overall Kind of give you some pros and cons, and then we'll wrap this up all right stay with me Okay, so I just keep flying this drone I keep flying it because of how super stable it is It does not have GPS, but the vision positioning system mimics it very well even in windy conditions It stays put all of the flight modes and features work as well as you could expect and that Circle me is the best I've seen on a non GPS drone Even some GPS drones don't do it very well And you get height and speed telemetry now You saw how I ran into the side of the house and the quad just bounced off and it was barely Affected the photos I took on the high quality setting are really good, but the video is It's unusable at this point because there are just way too many dropped frames Due to that it was hard for me to tell whether the image stabilization was working video quality It's it's just okay though doesn't blow me away I also had trouble with calibrating the IMU a couple of times if this is not something isolated to my model I'm sure these are things that can be corrected in a firmware update The Tello was just released here in early March 2018 so I expect some tweets will be made now I mentioned that the video kept stopping on its own Well, that was my fault when you do circle mode 360 and the up in the way the video will automatically record a short clip Corresponding to that mode so it's going to start and stop Automatically flight time is really good I have been averaging about ten minutes per flight It's not the advertised 13 minutes, but you almost never get the full advertised flight time now This isn't a big deal But there aren't any identification lights on this quad when flying in low light situations that could limit your ability to maintain Orientation and you most certainly won't be able to fly this thing at night I didn't do a range test, but I flew it like I would typically fly a drone such as this and it's so small I'm not gonna fly it very far anyway, and the type of flying I was doing I didn't have any range issues So it's just fine for me I will test range in part three when I have the drone connected to a physical controller I'll also be looking more into the ability to program the Tello, and how it works with a pair of VR Goggles, all right, here's the bottom line in my opinion the Tello is worth It's $99 price tag But I think a lot of people will end up spending an additional twenty to forty dollars on a Bluetooth controller I've already done so so stay tuned for part three where we'll check that out a beginner could easily handle this quad But it's fun even for somebody like me that has been flying for a while all right now Let me know what you think down in the comments Product links are in the description box if you like the video like the video if you're not currently a subscriber please consider doing so and if you know anybody that might be interested in this drone share the video with them for me and until next time Be good to somebody and be good to yourself I'll see y'all in the next one later

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