Royce Da 5’9 – Barely Human ft. Tech N9ne | Review


What up youtube Topaz Yates back with another daily review

This time to Royce Da 5'9 featuring Tech N9ne Barely Human I am giving this one the yellow light because it isn't bad but this is one of those key moments where it is important to listen to lyrics A lot of people would say Tech N9ne is spitting on this because he sounds like it but not really Especially with one of his core bars Until you swipe my independence harry truman

That doesn't make much sense when you begin to understand the history of what harry truman did with his presidency Honestly he did more for black people than barack obama did to keep it 100 Look up the fair employment practices which ultimately was to end job discrimination Look up To Secure These Rights Report Where he attempted to make lynching black people a federal offense

Even before he was president he was quoted saying i believe in brotherhood, all men before law Now the way Tech N9ne put those bars it seemed like harry truman was against black people

Source: Youtube

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