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Hey guys, welcome back Today I’ve got a little bit of a tech review for you

Before I jump into that, I want to remind you to make sure you are subscribed to my channel so you don't miss any updates I also want to let you know that at the end of this video, I have a personal update that you will not want miss Do you want to avoid spam calls as much as I do? Do you want to make sure that you don't miss a phone call or text message from a loved one? Do you absolutely hate ugly smart watches? If you said yes to any of these, then you absolutely need to check out Ringly The Ringly is a piece of smart wearable tech, it comes in a ring, like this or in a bracelet I think it looks elegant as opposed to bulky and ugly

It's actually a pretty easy piece of smart jewelry to configure You just hook it up and sync it with your phone It's super easy to do Basically, once it's synced with your phone, you can set it up to work with any apps that you want, like What's app or Messenger or Telegram I personally have it setup for phone calls and text messages

I have a list of about 10 people, 11 people, something like that, that I don't want to miss calls from or texts from Basically, this will buzz me and blink a specific color whenever I get a message I absolutely love the fact that basically my phone can stay on silent 100% of the time and I will never miss an important call I will never, ever be woke up early at eight o'clock in the morning because of a spam caller, because spam callers no longer get through I don't miss phone calls and text messages from my loved ones or anybody who is important to me because of this thing

It's fantastic Here's how it works Basically, you need to wear this and have it within 20 feet of your phone You can toss your phone into a big purse, or whatever you prefer to put it in Then basically, whenever you get a call from somebody who's on your list or however you configure it, because you can configure it so that it will buzz every single time you get a phone call, but I didn't see the point in that because I wanna avoid 98% of the phone calls that come my way

In addition to doing what I consider to being very important, making sure that I don't miss any phone calls or messages from my loved ones It will also do really helpful things like track your steps and count calories for you It will estimate how many calories you've burned in a day, and it has a bunch of meditation options If you were looking to meditate because perhaps you were stressed by the current state of the US

it's something that can help guide you through different meditations One of the question I got whenever I was doing a Facebook live about this, was can you get it wet? You can get it wet like if you're washing your hands, it can handle that, but I would not take a shower or a bath with it I would avoid doing that Somebody else wanted to know, do you charge it because my Bellabeat you don't charge, it lasts for six months and then you replace the battery This you have to charge every two or three days

You charge it in a cute little Ringly box that you store it in It has this little itty bitty box and it has these two little prongs that go here When you put the ring in, you want to match the ring up to the prongs You can see that it will glow red to say that it's matched up properly Then you charge it like that

You can charge it off of any USB, this will plug into micro USB or whatever, and so you can charge it off your computer or a plug in charger, whatever you like I charged it off my Kindle charger recently Like I mentioned, I have the Ringly ring, but it also comes in a bracelet if you prefer that I really like the ring because I think it's a really cool statement piece I'll zoom in close so you can see mine up close

I have the Dive Bar ring, it's got this really deep gunmetal gray metal Then the gemstone is this lovely gray color I really like it because for me it goes with just about everything I wear I'm going to insert a couple pictures of different outfits of me with the ring because I love it I've been wearing it pretty much non stop

I do think it actually goes pretty well with my Bellabeat, which is also gray My Ringly is the Dive Bar ring, which is tourmalated quartz, which I think looks perfect, because I personally prefer silver or gunmetal It looks like there's a joyride howl light bracelet, which has a white colored gem with silver metal There's a really pretty rose, like rose gold and moonstone bracelet I think that's a really popular combination right now

There's also this beautiful purple, if you like purple There's labradorite, which is really cool too, which is this duo chrome stone There are a lot of different pretty color combinations There's a gorgeous purple ring too If there's one thing that I could say that I think that Ringly could improve upon though, it would be offering different gem stones with different metals

Basically saying, "you pick your metal, you pick your gemstone" And then you put together your perfect ring or bracelet I think that would be really cool I do want to do a little insert here to show you what the interface looks like on my phone I have the Google Pixel XL phone, and it shows you your battery charge

It'll show you whether or not you're connected, how you have your alerts setup, like I have my phone calls setup, so I don't miss it I have text messages setup in a specific way It will show you your contacts, the people that you have in your contact list It shows your activities, you can see the different activities here and how many steps Then of course, your mindfulness, which is all the guided meditation

If you hate being tied to your phone and wanna be able to toss your phone in your purse, Ringly is for you If you are somebody who would like to get through a dinner without having to check your smartphone every 30 seconds, the Ringly is probably for you If you'd like to be able to go on a date, but still have somebody reach you in case of an emergency, this is a great thing because you can completely pay attention to whoever you're with without having to worry about your phone, because you can be confident that you won't miss anything important because this will let you know Anyway, in short, I am a huge fan I can't live without it

I feel like it's great and I will never miss an important call or text message from Ray or my parents, or my best friends, because it will let me know on my ring I can basically ignore all of the spam calls that come in because I won't even have to look at my phone I'd never have to have my phone on anything other than silent again Anyway, be sure to let me know what you think of Ringly in the comments below Now for my personal update, I want to introduce you to the newest member of my family

This little girl is Phaedra's little sister Her name is Nyx, like goddess of the night Nyx is a Greek goddess, and I figured it was appropriate to name a beautiful black standard poodle puppy, Nyx since Phaedra is a beautiful standard poodle puppy and she is a white dog Phaedra's name means bright, so I feel like the two of them are perfect little ying and yang I picked this girl up on Monday, and she's the sweetest little thing

She and Phaedra are still getting acquainted with each other They're very cute together Phaedra's still a little bit way too I don't know, I feel like Phaedra's a little bit too exuberant with her 'cause she's still a little puppy She's only eight weeks old, but she's such a sweetheart She's sleepy, she just woke up from a nap She's like,"What's going on? Why are there so many bright lights?" If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen in her, but in case you haven't, here's Nyx I think she's adorable

Please be sure to let me know how you guys are doing in the comments below Thanks for watching

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