Xoi phone x i phone or i phone 10 is the latest available device developed by Apple the spatial and gray-silver color capable 64-256 GB its internal memory size are 565 inches by 2

79 inches by 030 inches thick reaches its weight 174 grams with a super retina HD screen with OLED screen and infinite display with 58 inches diagonal with a resolution of 2436 by 1124 pixels and 458 dpi and true tone your screen with maximum brightness of 625 cd / m² screen has its resistance to fingerprints and oleosidae it supports simultaneous display and display features water resistance remembering that resistance is not proof he can resist but you can not dive he pool processing in a chip is neural processor CPU 11 m integrated rear camera of 12 MP substandard but he films his videos in 4k current price is 8000 reais a price not as accessible to everyone but your money also compensates for all its qualities as a dual expandable memory reader AMERA really cool and current retinal rechina tecnologfias then personal video will be here comment on the next device that you want to see here in the channel and let the your spoke like

Source: Youtube

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