Review Completo do Feiyu-Tech G5


What's up everybody If you are looking at gimbal systems You most likely have come across brands like GoPro, DJI, Ziyun-Tech and Feiyu-Tech Brands responsible for the best gimbals in the market Today we will talk about a gimbal that could be the best gimbal for action cameras yet The Feiyu-Tech G5 This is the upgraded version of the G5, also known as Feiyu-tech G5 V2 Seems to be a good alternative to GoPro's Karma Grip One of the strong points of this gimbal compared to GoPro's Karma Grip Is that this gimbal is compatible with different cameras

It has removeble batteries And it is splash proof IP67 This is a bundle package, it comes with the official Feiyu Extension pole Also known as selfie stick This extension pole has a twist and lock system The construction is aluminium With a soft rubber grip, very comfortable to the touch Good quality Now the gimbal box And look what I received as a gift A pair of gloves??? Well, let's throw it away

Opening the box you will find an envelope with warranty card An English user guide And another manual in Chinese In this little box we have a 3000mah 37 battery We also have a mini USB to micro USB cable as well as the new micro USB to the new USB C Two extra screws, I believe these are the long ones

a counter weight This counter weight is needed when using a GoPro 5 or 6 In this little soft case we have the gimbal itself It comes in this little soft case that is easy to travel, seems to be well made Good quality

And my favourite snack Silica Gel Finally the Gimbal Two things that has changed in this new version The V2 It has this trigger button that locks your gimbal while you hold the button Also at the camera support, a padding that reduces the noise produced by the motor To test the gimbal, I will use my trusty GoPro Hero 4 Keep in mind that GoPro hero 4 is not splash proof without the case

Using the mini USB to Micro USB cable I can connect the camera to the gimbal One of the advantages of using this cable is that gimbal's battery will charge the camera's battery One of the GoPro weakness is the battery and in this case the battery is being charged all the time Holding the power button for 3 seconds the gimbal turns on Another nice feature is the selfie mode The button below the power button is the selfie button By holding this button, the camera will turn to you and by releasing it, it will return to it's original position By default the camera is on pan follow mode, that allows you to turn the camera left to right With a double click the gimbal goes to full follow mode

It follows all your movement That allows you to film object below and above you With one click the gimbal goes to the lock mode In this mode the camera will always be pointing to the same direction With a triple click the gimbal starts the selfie mode Another triple click and the gimbal returns to its original position

The gimbal also work inverted, this allows you to a low-level shots Another feature is this mobile app called Feiyu ON It connects via bluetooth and you can control the gimbal using your smartphone I personally don't think it is a useful functionality Now the Cons of the this gimbal I could find only one When you shut down the gimbal The LCD and camera lens hits the lower motor of the gimbal There is no protection or padding to prevent damaging your camera Now what Iiked about this gimbal Removable Battery Each Battery last eight hours Compatibility with different camera systems Lightweight All motors rotates freely 360 degreed And it is splash proof, with IP67 certification If you want more videos like this hit the subscribe button Thanks!

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