Quick Tech Review: Seasonic M12 II Bronze Evo Edition 620W ATX Power Supply


Hello and welcome my name is Andrew and today we are taking a look at this power supply from Seasonic This is the Seaonic m12 II Bronze Evo edition 620 watt power supply, it's fully modular and 80 plus bronze Certified as the name indicates now this power Supply only cost me $3999 after a mail-in rebate from new egg which at that price

I think it is a very good value It's hard to find a fully modular power supply at that price point let alone one made by a top manufacturer like seasonic Seasonic has been manufacturing power supplies for decades and in that time they've maintained their position as a high end power supply manufacturer This one features a 5-year warranty Japanese capacitors rated for operation up to 105 degrees Celsius black cables four PCI Express six plus two cables so it's multi GPU ready eight SATA power cables five molex power cables and a single floppy connector The single 12 volt rail outputs 48 amps which is an older design But still achieves 80 plus bronze efficiency and has plenty of power for most modern systems in Addition the 120 millimeter fluid dynamic bearing fan uses Seasonic smart and silent fan control to ensure Silent operation which is a big thing for me? So let's open this up and see what's in the box? Within the outer box is another Seaonic box resembling a shoe box Upon opening that we find the manual and warranty information and a guide for hooking up the PCI Express cables following that We have a standard AC power cord a seasonic bag containing all of the modular cables for screws and seasonic case bed Now here's the power supply itself an overall nice looking design flat black So it will match most builds on a yellow label that isn't too intrusive Depending how it's mounted the opposite side features white branding The ventilation holes feature a honeycomb design and we see the power switch on the back On the reverse side are the connectors for the modular cables which are not sleeved, but are all black Overall the unit looks and feels solid Wrapping up the seasonic m12 – Evo Fully modular power supply has good build quality from the casing to the included cables and accessories the voltages have remained stable in my overclocked 8-core Ryzen build But one thing I would like to have seen would have been shorter cables for my particular case There is not a lot of room for cable management, but the cables are long enough for just about any case including full Tower ATX Other than that for 3999 is tough to beat a fully modular power supply from seasonic And it definitely gets my recommendation If you have any questions or comments leave them below if you liked the video click the thumbs up and Subscribe if you'd like to see more videos like this, thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next one

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