Philips Hue Lights Review: Impress People at Your Holiday Party!


so it's funny how the first thing that turned me off so you turn me okay yeah that's a light pun I get it okay Philips Hue smart lighting the newest thing out in the market for a smart home tech is it for you? is it worth it? Let's find out! Echo, trigger Kaizr tech Here on Kaizr Tech, we focus on in-home technologies

We do reviews so that you don't have to and we do how to's to help you become more connected with your home I'm Cesar and welcome to another installment of Quick Byte where I'll give you my honest unbiased un-sponsored opinion on these Philips Hue lights These 3rd gen Philips Hue lights feature 800 lumens of LED lighting and with only 10 watts of consumption they're very energy efficient So these bulbs have a 25,000 hour life expectancy So what that means for you is assuming you use these bulbs for four hours a day every day they should last you up to about 12 years

These bulbs have over 16 million color variations Yes you heard right 16 million Aside from colors these bulbs feature a large variety of whites that you can choose from to fit your needs So what makes these bulbs smart You're able to connect these bulbs through a bridge to your internet connection so that you can control it through the app or through voice activating the device such as Amazon Alexa

So what's my take on these bulbs? Before purchasing these I think what any average person would do when they're about to spend a bunch of money I listed to my pros and cons on a piece of paper I looked at the competitors I asked myself for what I'm paying is it worth it and my deciding factor was, I asked my sister No all jokes aside though I wanted to get a perspective of an average consumer

I was obviously thinking about this too much and I just laid it out for my sister and I asked her look at these two products which one would you buy and she went with Phillips So I thought I'd give her the try The competitor did offer some appealing things such as there's no bridge They're a little bit more pricey but they say they're brighter and that they have more color variation My initial plan was to buy one bulb each paycheck so that it didn't burn through my pockets that fast but if you go the Philips Hue route it requires you to have at least the bridge to be able to connect just one bulb

So the bridge costs you about $60 and each light will cost you about 50 so if you do the math about 110 just to get one bulb working in your room So I looked on the Amazon and found the starter kit for 150 that featured three bulbs and the bridge So I said why not Upon arrival I set them up, easy installation I was really happy with it after setting it all up it didn't feel like $150 worth to me

I downloaded third-party apps and it was okay I wasn't fully pleased with it yet though Initially I had plans to give these bulbs about a six point five maybe seven It was until I discovered an app called screen bloom on my PC So what this app does it creates an immersive experience with these hue lights

The ambient setting when you're watching videos with this app on is just amazing It surprises me how something so little as lighting can affect your whole viewing experience After having their immersive experience with these bulbs, it totally changed my opinion I'm gonna have to give these a solid 9 Now let me explain to you why It's funny how the first thing that turned me off about this product is what totally changed my mind in the end

I was really upset that these lights needed the bridge to connect to anything even if it was just one bulb But it turns out that this bridge is what allows other apps to connect so easily to these bulbs and let you do amazing things with these Another deciding factor on choosing these Philips Hue lights over the competitor is that Philips offers a variety of accessories aside from the bulbs and LED strips If you want to learn how to set up your lights for the first time and even have an immersive experience just how I did, go ahead and subscribe to get notifications of our upcoming video that'll show you how If you guys enjoyed this video go ahead and hit that like button and if you guys have any questions or suggestions for future products that we can review so that you don't have to drop a comment down below

I'm Cesar and as always thank you for watching Kaizr tech

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