Oppo A37F After a Year: Review


It's been almost a year since oprah launched this budget phone the A37 Still prize around nine thousand nine Hundred Ninety is This budget phone good enough, or you showed up for some phone else This is opal 8:37 after a year Let's begin with the specs of a 37 it comes with a five inch screen that is hD and eight and 500 pixel camera 16Gb storage and 2Gb Ram Snapdragon 410 and 26:30 mah battery it runs on Android lollipop and does not have a fingerprint scanner Let's begin with the performance which specs like these in 2017 the phone is not even a competition The phone is slow It lags a lot and sometimes it even freezes in Regular Day-To-day operations the phone operates smoothly But there are occasions where you can see the lag of like two three seconds after you click on something With extended use the phone does get up little warm, but not like extremely hot the build quality is nice But you can get better phones at this price The phone has a 5-inch 1080P screen Which has a good indoor badness, but as you go outside? It's hard to even direct sunlight Most of the time the touch screen is responsive But sometimes you do notice a lag here and there you can also notice lags and frame drops while you do gaming and stuff the camera performance of the eight and five megapixel Cameras in this phone is pretty average, and you also might have noticed this phone

That's not have a fingerprint scanner So if you want a phone with a fingerprint scanner don't buy this one the battery performance of the phone is average and will last you moderately of amount of five or six hours with constant use now let's talk about the gaming performance as you can see it has decent graphics and Can run high graphics games, but after like five or ten minutes of gaming it starts to lag and the phone starts to heat up? now let's talk about the charging to charge the 2330 mah battery the inbox charger is not a fast charger and Will provide you a full charge From 0-200 for about n One and a half hour overall in the end I would like to say that if you want to buy a budget-friendly phone don't buy this one you could opt for a show me a motor or a Lenovo phone in 2017 this phones both software and hardware are outdated That's it for this video guys Thanks for watching and just like always don't forget to like share and subscribe for more videos

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