Oneplus 5 Review, Camera, Launch Date, Specs and Price – Most Trusted Review Ever


Oneplus 5 Review, Camera, Launch Date, Specs and Price – Most Trusted Review Ever In this video I am going to mention some of the awesome features of 1+5 smartphone that are expected by everyone plus users one plus five new features and specifications and details New one plus five body one plus five smartphone is expected to have a unique design with a very stylish looks This smartphone is expected to come out with a curved shape aluminum body Which is going to make the phone look very attractive the body of One plus five is expected to be provided with a full metal body which will prevent the device from any type of damage or spots even if it falls from a high position One plus five display the display size of One plus five will be much larger than the previously launched oneplus series It is expected to have 5

5 to 57 inch screen size It is also said that this smartphone will provide you a 3D streaming video Which is designed with the latest technology? This smartphone is also going to provide you any type of video format in any type of high definition video quality? 1+5 camera One plus five smartphone is predicted to have twenty five Mp camera and Twelve Mp Front camera, which will be provided with cool focusing technology It is also expected to have an auto focusing feature spread an eye scanner and camera Sensors Not only this but you will also find more options by going in the camera settings option One plus five memory space as we have seen in the latest series of oneplus they have provided the internal storage of 16gb So in one plus five it is expected that they are going to provide 32Gb internal memory minimum And it may be increased up to 64gb to 126 GB Which will be based on the price the external storage can be expanded up to 128 GB Micro Sd card One plus five processor the one plus five smartphone is expected to have a latest Android version with qualcomm snapdragon processor along with 36 Ghz According to the rumors this smartphone is going to be provided 8GB Ram This is the only smartphone that they are going to provide with the highest ram in the smartphone market One plus five battery one plus five is expected to have 4500 to 5000 mah battery capacity, which will let you use more than 18 hours even by enabling your 3G or 4G data connection You will also be able to charge more than 80% in less than 40 minutes The company has also revealed to provide a wireless charging in one plus for smartphone You don't have to carry a charger with a long wire and this is going to make you very comfortable One Plus five sensors Another feature that oneplus has introduced in the earlier models the fingerprint sensors are likely to come in handy with this model Too it is also expected to have accelerometer proximity sensor Gyro compass and barometer one plus five release date and expected price the one plus five launch event had scheduled for June 20th 2017 with an official release expected shortly thereafter The company has announced to launch this one plus five smartphone first in China And it will be followed by India China us Russia and in different other countries the expected price are In the us the price of one plus five will be around four hundred and ninety five dollars to five hundred and ten dollars In China the price of One plus five will be around 3,000 to 3,500 un In Russia the price of One plus will be around three thousand roubles in India the price of one plus five will be around RS 32,000 two hours 37 thousand in Hong Kong the price of One plus five will be around 3,900 Hong Kong Dollars to 4200 Hong Kong Dollars Off the price range is a bit tight But I am sure you will be satisfied buying this phone as you see this phone is having many exciting specifications in in This video I have mentioned the features and specifications of one plus five which is very amazing But these are just an expectation it may slightly vary So now we can just hope that the famous smartphone company makes our hope down by launching old features gadgets This is all for today So stay tuned you will be getting information when this mobile is released to the nearest market

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