Onda oBook 11 Pro Review – Sub $300 Core M3 7Y30 Tablet


This is Onda's Obook 11 Pro it's a Core M3-7Y30 powered tablet now it's a two in one because you can remove and separate the keyboard which is sold separately here it's got wireless AC on there a 64 gigabyte emmc five spec drive for internal storage which doesn't sound wonderful but it is at least faster than the previous generation 45 ones there is however an SSD slot inside the tablet but it involves removing the whole rear and then you can upgrade the storage increase the performance there what are the positives of the Oh Bach 11 Pro here is there we've got a lot of ports on it so we've got a type C port now that's only charging and data that is it it can power an external hard drive but it does not support video out another thing to note is that my type C charges don't seem to want to work with it some of them but it does look of course with the one that's included in box which is 12 volts and 3 amps there we get a full sized USB 3 port which is great something that the Q Max Plus and the i7 book do not have micro SD card slot and a 3

5 millimeter headphone jack so the rear of it is made out of an alloy so it's a unibody build oh god on it it's quite firm its solid the build quality overall is quite decent now you see at the top here this different colored strip that is of course for the wireless AC and Bluetooth antenna to help improve the reception so the determine be spun around and docked in the keyboard and using what they call presentation mode however there's one serious flaw with this and that is that the lower quality keyboard which I'll get onto in just a second won't actually support the weight of the tablet at certain angles so if it's anything under about there the tablet will start to collapse and fall down completely so that's a design fail their keyboards also quite heavy it has a counterweight and it for a very good reason to stop it from tipping over but this is the maximum angle that you can get the screen to recline and pressing down it will be very easy to tip over and I found at their keyboard cannot really be used on your lap because if you use it on your lab there's just so much risk of it tipping over and it could drop and fall off your lap so you're going to have to push the screen up a lot more vertical there which means your viewing angles are not so great and then there's a second floor with the keyboard and that is that well it does have two USB to ports either side these ports lack sufficient power outputs so they will not power external hard drives you have to resort to using the USB 3 port that's on the tablet itself the keyboard to type on isn't too bad at least this is good so typing experience I'd rate ads good fine there is no shortcut for the screen brightness there is at least a key to disable the touch pad now the touch pad it's hitting this really I don't like the texture of it the place that I've used to me feels just a little bit too textured and I wish it was a little smoother but it does the job now don't particularly like these scrolling on it of course it does support Windows 10 gestures but it's not a precision touchpad so we cannot disable or control those gestures and there are certain bits of the keyboard that just feel a little bit cheap and tacky around the hinge part here this plastic isn't really super high quality so the combination of both the keyboard and the tablet come in at a hefty 175 kilos so it's pushing up towards the 2 kilo mark which makes this rather heavy and not as portable as I would like the tablet by itself weighs 868 grams so there's no webcam on the rear but the front-facing webcam can shoot 720p video at 30 frames per second and I find the quality to be okay it's definitely a lot better than the Apollo Lake tablet the screen is a 1080p IPS panel it has vibrant colors the white balance of it is definitely leaning towards a cool white you do see quite a bit of a blue tint in the display and the touch accuracy of the digitizer isn't bad it's quite responsive to touch it's accurate it's quick I have no complaints with the feel of touch on the screen here the screen is not fully laminated so there is an obvious gap between the glass and then the IPS panel below and because it's not fully laminated and it does come with a pre-installed screen protector on there it does not have scratch resistant glass reflections can be an issue and I definitely would not want to be using this outside the maximum brightness comes out at 300 Lux which is adequate it's fine for indoor use and the screen also dims down very dim making it ideal for late night time use so it is running Windows 10 home single language it's got English on there it activates without a problem and if I show you the device manager here now you'll see that our wireless is the Intel wireless AC 7265 chipset which is not a bad chips it at all with good range and performance I'll show you that in a minute the internal SSD that I have installed here is a Sanders I put my own one in there just so I've got more space to show you these games and benchmarks in this video here but they drive that it comes with the 64 gigabyte one is a Toshiba 0-60 4G 38 and these are these speeds of it here so that is not bad at all for an emmc v drive for k's a decent the sequential writes are a little low there but the reads definitely do not slow the system down and hinder performance at all to me it feels quite quick and snappy getting it around the OS using chrome and edge now here's the PC mark score for those interested 2190 which is a little bit lower than some other core m37 why 30 tablets the reason why these benchmarks are a little bit slower is because the RAM is only running at 1600 megahertz and not 1866 so we are losing a bit of speed there when it comes to our RAM performance which in turn affects the gig bench for score here which is again a little bit lower than the likes of the cube mix Plus that I reviewed with the same chipset so the wireless performance very good no complaints whatsoever the range on it seems very decent and this chipset is better than the Intel wireless AC 3 165 we have in the cube mix + scrolling performance in edge is really good you see a couple of little stutters there sometimes it's not perfect but more noticeable when you're in Chrome that the scrolling just isn't as smooth now edge has no problem streaming and playing 4k video I've tested this numerous times but it is slow on Chrome it lags a little bit it drops frames in one area of disappointment like most of the core M in fact I think all of the corium tech that I've looked out of China that we have disappointing battery times on here so you're only going to get around five to five and a half hours now right now I've been in Chrome I've done a bit of benchmarking and things like that and it's got a reported full run time of 5 hours and 23 minutes now I have used it right down to 10% and it's more or less accurate here charge times to fully charge it it's 3 hours and 36 minutes so thermals it gets up to 93 degrees this is after 24 hours of use that involved gaming and also charging it and gaming at the same time benchmarking pushing it as hard as I could so really not ideal but it does not trigger at least any thermal throttling so it's not affecting the performance now it does have a copper heat sink in there and the rear of it will heat up and does get quite warm to the touch up to 39 degrees just behind the area actually where I have these temperature results here on the rear of it the metal does heat up a lot the overall performance of the Oh book 11 pro is good it feels almost like a core i5 device you can do some 1080p video editing on it you can do Photoshop editing things like that are fine but I would not be editing 4k video and it would not try to play really demanding games because you will be disappointed with the performance it still is after all you have to remember that it's a fan 'less tablet chipset that it has in there the tablet has 2 speakers left and right there on the side so they're outwards firing and they're not particularly good quality I mean you've got a little bit of volume to them but often depends on the content you will find the speaker's lacking on volume and I do really wish they're a little bit louder but let's have a listen to them so as you can hear from that they really do need to be a lot louder than what they are so it's a shame they're quiet they have a hint of bass in them which is at least one positive so looking at gaming performance now this is Counter Strike global Offensive 720p lower settings and yeah I'm not very good at this but at least I managed to get just one kill then if I can get this guy and got lucky there and did yes it is playable and the performance is reasonable I'm a hopeless aim okay he walked into that one and it again so let's have a look at League of Legends and as you probably guess you're League of Legends 1080p lot of settings it's running around 70 frames per second so it doesn't have a problem with this game at all very playable it's still not the fastest performance I have seen out of the core m37 Y 30 and that is of course due to those lower round speeds as I mentioned earlier so this is dirt 3 1080p again on the ultra low setting so you can see it's getting around 50 frames per second which is good and this game is very smooth and playable so no problems with a title like this you could increase the effects so the details but your frame rate will drop about 10 to 15 frames per second on average so I'll keep it on ultra low so that is it for the under a book 11 pro and my time using it I do like how fast and smooth it feels the performance of the core m3 7 y 30 is great however it's not the fastest I have tested because of those lower ram speeds we're losing out on about 10% 15% performance against other tablet models like for example the cube mix + or the i7 book now the build quality of the tablet is great it's got the full size USB 3 port on their powers external hard drives that is a bonus they're wireless speeds are excellent good range really good speeds very happy with that now we've got that m2 SSD slot in there but we have to pull the whole rear off to access that have a look at my unboxing video if you want to find out how to do that it's a bit of a hassle to put that in to expand on the limited 64 gigabytes of storage we have now the main let down I feel of this tablet as of the screen the screens okay but it's got a bit of a cool white calibration to it but the keyboard now the typing experience on the keyboard is fine but it's very easy to have the whole thing tip over if you use it in your lap the build quality also is quite plasticky and doesn't have the same feel as the tablet itself does the USB ports on that USB 2 ports cannot power external hard drives which is another con that's disappointing for me I feel they should at least be able to power an external hard drive which makes them practical here they're not as practical of course and the combined weight of 175 5 kilos means it's a little heavier than other options out there so if you are in the market for a tablet that doesn't support well it does support a stylus but it not a walk on stylus and you don't need a stylus really then maybe this is one to go for but bear in mind those cons there that it's going to be a little bit heavy and you can't really use it at all in your lap without the risk of it tipping right over now the other one that I do recommend would be the cube mix + or the i7 book now the mix + has the same exact CPU but it runs at 1866 megahertz and supports agua com stylus which is a lot better because it has pressure levels and overall a really good stylus experience on that particular model thanks all for watching this review and I do hope to catch you back in the channel soon bye for now

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