Nut 2 tracker review – Best Value bluetooth finder??


In this video, I'll show you a really cheap way to keep your valuable items safe with Bluetooth tracking It's the Nut 2 tracker that I'm going to show you today, it's a bi-directional Bluetooth tracker It has some unique features And it's a well recognized brand for this type of product

If you're not familiar with Bluetooth trackers They're basically little smart tags that you can attach to stuff to help find lost items they work by pairing your phone via bluetooth and all have the basic feature of Sounding an alarm on the tag when you press find on the app that they come with Let's see what we get in the box, I think they look fantastic they come in pastel colors And look a little bit like food I have to remind myself It's not a mint White seems to be a popular color, but I got an orange one which will be easier to find You'll most likely be attaching this to your keys with the strap provided But you'll see in a moment it also comes with a sticky pad to attach it to anything else you want That could be a remote control, or it could be that you just drop it in your purse or a wallet It's up to you I believe they don't make the Nut 2 anymore It's been superseded with new designs, but you can still buy them and there's a good reason I'm showing you this one, which we'll get to in a moment Here we've got the world's smallest certificate You're Nut seal of authenticity

and the quick guide if you need it We've got a 3m sticky pad, a strap, an adjustable strap in fact which I learned later, and ee also have a battery The battery is a cr2032 which are readily available in most stores, and they're said to last around six months If you have one of these devices let me know in the comments what your real-world battery life has been Having a replaceable battery is a big plus, not all brands allow you to do this and you have to replace the whole device instead Lets see how easy it is to fit Okay, let's see if we can bust this ergh let's see if we can open the case Well that's the price you pay for not reading the instructions It turns out you get two batteries with one already installed And that's why I reckon this is such good value I paid twice as much as you need to from a well-known online retailer which offer Next Day Delivery If you subscribe to their TV and movies; we all know who, but you can get these from around $6 us or less than five pounds in the UK That's fantastic value because that's what you'd pay anyway in a store just for two of the same batteries that's inclusive in the price of the unit The retail price is about half or even a third of what you'd pay for some comparable devices For full disclosure as I mentioned I purchased this myself nobody gave it to me But I will put some links in the description To guide you where you can find one

If you use these links I got a small affiliate Commission which doesn't mean you pay any more than anybody else, it just makes it easier for me to make new content for my channel I didn't like the length of the strap, but later found it is adjustable and you can be creative in how you best tie on to things Overall it makes it more versatile and comes in a matching color to the device It's dimensions are 36 millimeter square by 58 Millimeters thick

That's small or smaller than most bluetooth trackers Compared to the popular tile Mate Nut2 is a couple of millimeters bigger but feel smaller as the Nut 2 tapers away around the edges I'm going to use this instead of my tile for a few weeks to see if it gets just as dirty collecting the metallic tarnish residue from around my keys and coins Next we'll check out the app that the Nut 2 tracker pairs with the app works on both Android and iOS devices It's called Nut – Bluetooth anti loss device, which we see on the Apple App Store here These are the welcome screens you see when you first use the app You'll need to make a logon account and verify your email There's a simple process to follow to pair your tracker to your smartphone Nut call it binding, but don't let that confuse you You can connect up to six Nut devices Here we see the device is nearby which is indicated by a continuous blue circle surrounding the Nut 2 device logo From within the menu you can press on the green' Beep' button and Your Nut 2 – tracker will sound an audible alarm to help you locate it As you move further away or closer to your Nut tracker the blue circle will get bigger or smaller for graphical assistance Great for finding things around the home You can change the alarm sound and duration if you want to from within settings You also have a proactive feature called anti lost The anti-lost feature alerts your mobile phone when the device is out of range that's unique, not all trackers do that it means you're reminded if your about to leave something behind I describe the Nut 2 as bi-directional at the beginning of the video that just means that you can also use this in reverse You press the Button on the device and your smart phone will ring to help you find it You have a feature called group find, which allows you to share the trackers location with friends and you have access to the lost-and-found network where you can declare your item as lost and Other note users can help you find it

That's maybe something to test out in another video? You also have means to find your tracker when it's out of range via the map This will show you the last-known position if you tracker out when it was last close enough to be paired to your mobile phone So if it's attached to your keys, and you drop them, you can follow the map back to roughly where your keys will be located When you close enough you can use the audible alarm to close in on your lost item Pretty clever I think If you're interested in one of the newer versions of the tracker you can access information about them through the app Where you will find the Nut 3 smart tracker and a mini smart tracker they're going to do a lot more, but obviously will cost more Ok so what's all this doing to your smartphone battery as it works away in the background? Let's find out We can see here the Nut 2 is using only a very small proportion of the battery Especially compared to the tile Mate unit that I also have paired to this phone I've drawn some comparisons to the tile Mate in this video as tile is a bit of a benchmark for this kind of product

I checked again on another day and can see the nut app is still using very little resources That's all folks If I missed something important, please comment below If you liked my video, please share or like and subscribe if you want to

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