Nomu S20 Review – Affordable Rugged Phone


hey guys welcome to Tech Best this is the nomu s20 and on the surface it looks like an ordinary phone but check this out it's actually a rugged phone in disguise and what I mean by that is that it doesn't look like a typical thick chunky square looking rugged phone it has an ip68 waterproof rating and would suit people who work in harsh environments like construction or I've also had comments from parents wanting advice on a good cheap phone because their kids keep breaking theirs well this could be a good option not only is it going to be harder to break but it is also affordable it's normal price is about 170 US dollars but you can often pick it up for less than that there will be links in the description below if you want to go ahead and check out the current pricing I've seen it as low as 130 dollars and that is just great value it is 10 millimeters thick which sounds like a lot but it is slimmer than the majority of other toughened phones out there and when you consider that you don't need to get a case to protect it then that 10 millimeter thickness isn't quite so bad packaging was pretty standard you get some documentation a sim ejector tool a micro USB cable and a fast charger looking at the phone it is covered with a rubber shell which feels nice in the hand and offers a ton of grip and it covers the corners and edges giving the whole phone lots of protection there are some metal strips on the side for reinforcing we have the silver version there is also a version that comes with black strips all the ports are covered by flaps to keep water and dust out we have a micro USB port here a sim tray on the side which can take two micro sims or you can swap one for an SD card a headphone jack on top and a volume button here on the back is a waterproof speaker which sounds decent we also have an 8 megapixel camera up top on the front we get Gorilla Glass now nomu's website says it is Gorilla Glass 4 but my contact at nomu tells me it is Gorilla Glass 3 so I don't know which is correct but either way we should get decent scratch resistance it also came with a screen protector already fitted but let's go ahead and remove it to make sure the glass doesn't scratch easily and no it doesn't in terms of hardware the screen is a 5-inch 720p display inside as a 15 gigahertz mediatek quad core with three gigs of RAM 32gb of on-board storage and a 3000 milliamp hour battery it runs pure Android 6 out of the box and this one came with Google services pre-installed with no bloatware now obviously it's not a highend phone but with three gigs of ram and that lower resolution display overall performance is fine for normal use and another benefit of that 720p display is that it can handle most 3d games without too much issue and with moderate usage you can expect about two days of battery life the IP 68 certification means it can survive one and a half meters of water for up to 30 minutes now you can't use the touchscreen under water but you can still take photos underwater as the volume buttons can be used as a camera shutter button instead of the touch screen the back camera takes decent shots in good lighting but the front camera is terrible you won't want to be taking selfies with this one but then again this phone wasn't built for selfies it was built for toughness just a bit of damage here on the plastic bezel otherwise let's not to bad so you would have heard the crack in that last video clip and the result so on the third time I ran over it the screen did break but the rest of the phone has held up really well the body still looks pristine and the phone still works so even though it did fail in that last test I believe it will still survive abuse better than most other phones especially considering the price if you need a rugged phone I'd still recommend this just don't go running over it with a car because yeah gorilla glass is still the weakest link

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