NOKIA 7.1 REVIEW: USA Price / Release Date / Pre Order 📲


Nokia 7.1 is supposed to be a great addition to Nokia’s arsenal of cheap durable phones.
we could complement the new features of this phone and compare it against its competitors but today we want to give you the inside scoop on some key missing features so you can determine whether this is the next device you want to cash out on or if you want to pass

This phone comes with a lot of great features but there’s a couple things Nokia missed out on the first feature about the 7.1 is that it’s missing wireless charging the nokia 7.1 comes with a beautiful front and back has Gorilla Glass 3 on the front making it very durable however it lacks wireless charging which makes this phone lag behind the competitors.

The second key flaw in the 7.1 is the 30 60 million battery although this may seem like a great battery capacity it causes the 7.1 to lag behind its competitors and Nokia’s predecessors such as the 7 and the 6.1.

The third worst feature about this phone is that last year’s Nokia 7 plus had better specs and a bigger battery at a cheaper price range which makes you think whether this phone is worth the upgrade and it brings into question whether you even need to get the 7.1 if you already have the 7.

The fourth flaw of the 7.1 is the notch the beard the awful chin whatever you want to call it it takes away from the intended minimalist Scandinavian design.

Fifth feature is the Nokia 6.1 Plus has the same specs and of course at a cheaper price range. Now, let’s talk a little bit about the logistics of this phone the Nokia 7.1 is going for $349 pre-orders start online October 5th and the phone is available in store Best Buy Amazon B&H shipping out on October 28th if you want to try before you buy you can go into a Best Buy store on November 4th.
Now guys there’s one gadget out there that supersedes the Nokia 7.1 and that is the show-me poco f1 but that’s for next time so make sure to subscribe, like and share!

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