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Around this time last year, I quit gaming It wasn’t because I was really salty about paywalls and energy timers 3 00:00:07,000 –> 00:00:11,000 What really happened was, a while ago, this interloper stole my TV 4 00:00:12,000 –> 00:00:14,000 But in spite of that, I’m playing games again And that’s because I got sent a Nintendo Switch 6 00:00:22,000 –> 00:00:26,000 Hi, I’m Ben and Welcome to eBay Tech Testers To me, it’s kind of a Gameboy that plays Zelda Well, not just any Zelda Like, a proper Zelda

Probably the best Zelda since they brought out a console that had three handles on the controller And an amazing looking Zelda too, I mean look at that draw distance Imagine, you can play this not only on your toilet, but anybody’s toilet There’s no bluetooth audio so I have to plug in these headphones… like an animal I broke these sliding them in the wrong way on the first day This is what happens when you lick the cartridges Mmm, delicious For portable consoles, it is definitely a heavyweight Huge screen, proper controls, actual games require playing instead of playing themselves But in a lot of ways, it really is just an expensive Gameboy And if that’s all you wanted to know, we can probably end the review right there

I give it three stars Look, you can add half a star when Mario comes out in October K? Roll credits That’s all for my eBay Tech Tester review this month, is there any tech that you’re… Look, maybe that’s being a little bit unfair I was just putting together the edit when I realised I didn’t talk about multiplayer at all, and the Switch is a multiplayer machine you can take anywhere I don’t personally like sharing things, or other people’s opinions, But for the sake of those who do care about those things, I put together a little tournament Gustav (incredulous): “I chucked the banana behind me… there’s no one behind me” Brian (disgusted): “There’s far too much camping going on… which is strange given it’s not a shooting game” Percy (furious): “On this controller, the joystick is dead centre!” Trevor (snickering): “I’ve got the world’s smallest D-Pad…” Charles: *grunting enthusiastically* Bob (teacherly): “Small and fun… is a good thing

Because it’s something you’re happy to pass on” Charles (awe): “It’s quite good you can plug it into the TV” Brian (still disgusted): “EA should be ashamed I know they didn’t make it, but they should be anyway” So aside from some very presidential complaining about this controller not fitting into their gigantic hands, I think everyone had a lot of fun And here’s the thing, if you take a good console, great mobile and some handy multiplayer you’ve got yourself a triple threat This skinny little nub-slab isn’t competing to play the latest PS4 and Xbox One ports on your flat screen Instead, like a buttony fox, it waits until you’re out of the house or kicked off the TV before it slides in its rubbery hooks And I am hooked I give it four out of five stars That really was the end of this eBay Tech Testers review Chuck us a thumbs up if you liked it

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