Ninebot ES1 Electric Kick Scooter Review


So I'm back with another electric scooter review this is the ninebot kick scooter es1 by Segway which you could say is the successor to the xiaomi M 365 that i reviewed about half a year ago now why I say successor is because no bot was involved with charmese model and now we have this one here under the ninebot Segway branding so the ears one has a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour the es2 model which is another one which is almost identical to this one but it has a shock on the rear has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and the range is 25 kilometers however if you buy the extended battery pack which clips on to the handlebars that range then extends up to a really big and huge 45 kilometers now that's under perfect test track conditions will the light person know went I'll do some real-world testing here in my review find out the range of the es1 that I have so the differences from you could say the previous model Shelby's as they're now got hard rubber wheels on them so no more inflated ear tires susceptible to punctures to flats and then it's a real hassle to change those so they've done away with that which is really good design move I feel and we also have no disc brake on the rear it's now a manual brake so the braking probably is not going to be as good there and it's a little lighter this one's a live in kilos the ES 2 version is 12 kilos so it is well packaged up here and some assembly is required you can see that the handlebars aren't in place so installing your handlebars is easy all you need to do is just plug it in and then using the four Torx screws that are supplied in the box and the tool screw the handlebars in place so the front is where you will find the motor solid rubber wheels we have this cover over here that goes across the shock there so inside you'll find a spring there and a shock absorber that's going to help absorb some of those little bumps and just make the right overall more comfortable now Fork is made out of metal but this cover over the top is plastic it's only there for aesthetic so you're not seeing the wheel nuts and wires and all that sort of thing so the scooter has a really clever latch mechanism here so all you need to do to open it fully it's just to simply pull the handlebars up and you'll hear it will click into place telling you it's secured there's also a warning here that if you stand on this while in use well it's going to be catastrophic isn't it it's going to cause it to collapse and you'll come off the scooter on the left side there's a discrete alloy kickstand the clearance you get under the scooters approximately seventy three millimeters so it's not a lot so be careful when jumping down curbs well on the base you'll find this nice grey anti-slip rubber so the ears one model does not have an LED brake light on it the es2 model does which will be located just in this part here and stayed on this one we get reflectors and the brake of course is an old-fashioned style manual ones that you press down on this part here which in turn creates friction on the wheel slowing you down now the rear mudguard / brake also has the slot in here where the handle clips in allowing you to lift up the scooter the charger uses a standard common figure 8 plug and it's rated to 71 watts with a 42 watt output at 1

7 amps so the build quality overall is excellent I can't really fault it but if I was to change one thing with the design or the materials they've used at least that's the handgrips instead of having that foam I would have gone with rubber I think that will last a lot longer I actually swapped out the ones on my show me scooter because they weren't really that good so the controls of the scooter is quite easy so here we have the accelerator then we have the brake for the front wheel and turning it on just hold down the button and you can see right now it's what's in the limited mode they call its own OS logo is showing here and that limits it to what speed you sit in the application so that would be at the moment it's 15 km/h so it's ideal for a 14-year old you don't want accelerating accelerating too fast and you don't want them to come off at 20 km/h if they were to come off and it wouldn't hurt as much at 15 now double-tapping this gets you into what's called the standard mode so normal acceleration 20 km/h maximum double tapping again the logo goes red and this is sports mode which will accelerate slightly quicker than the standard mode but you're still limited to that 20 km/h max unfortunately now you'll see that the readout here shows you your speed battery percent so each of these bars is 25% battery and it's in km/h at the moment but using the app you can change it over to miles per hour so with the ninebot app that's available in google play store in your Apple store you can connect up to it you can view your remaining mileage and the battery life you can also change the energy recovery mode which is basically sitting the amount it's going to DXL rate using a bit of braking on the motor there to help recharge the battery level now I keep it on the weak mode I find that's the best cuz I like to be out I just roll down hills and not have it having that resistance they're slowing you down a little bit you can also name the vehicle set a password there for Bluetooth you can view other information like your mileage that the scooter has done the temperature of the mainframe they're 23 degrees at the moment and also enable what's called the cruise mode so if you hold down the accelerator for more than five seconds it will lock in that speed until you break or tap the accelerate again so it's great just to hold it down let it be and then you can just cruise along at that constant speed you set without having to hold your finger down on the accelerator the whole time so once powered on and I'll get up when you do is just kick off get up to 3 kilometers and then you can accelerate now the acceleration isn't super quick or anything like that but it's sufficient this is just in the normal mode you put into sport mode to be a little quicker and you can see you read out there so maximum speed 21 20 kilometers per hour there's nothing amazing now it writes really well it's quite agile and the braking most of the time I just use the front wheel brake I don't really touch that manual brake on the rear so I hit there there's some gravel I'm going to go over that on the scooter and you'll see how it handles it pretty bumpy suspensions doing maybe a little not too much so have a rocky path ahead of me right now this is unless Reuters and Enya nice view but as you can see bumpy so let's see how it handles it scraping noises the kickstand don't forget to pull that out of the way so you can see this is quite a bumpy ride here so wet surface here going to do a form braking test not too bad no skidding so it does have like an ABS Y electronic system there to stop it from skidding or locking up so after some heavy riding and heavy braking can see this little heat logos popped up there so that's just telling me that it's getting warm domoto and if it gets too hot what will happen is it'll probably end up slowing itself down a little that happens or so on these show me me 365 so the official specs claim that you can only go up gradients of about 10 degrees and my little test here was approximately 1520 degree climb up this little slope here and as you can see it made it about 75% the way up and that last little quarter I just have to give it a few kicks to get right at the top now we'll check out the kind of range I did with my very extreme test here with very hard roads heavy going I got eleven point two six kilometers well close to thirteen point two according to the Segway app and it got up to 45 degrees the mainframe temperature if I touch the front Harbert is really hot so the mileage is quite a bit off from the claimed so the pros and cons of each I actually like the design of the es one better the way it unfolds I feel is just an improvement overall but you do get the faster speed on the Xiaomi scooter you also get slightly better range probably about five kilometers more out of a charge charge Titans on both of them are about the same – so the S 180s – they fold down smaller than the me scooter the m 365 years you can see so slightly smaller size and it also weighs about a kilo less one thing of course the is one is missing is that rear disc brake so you've only got that manual foot brake and it doesn't have the led on the rear the s2 model does the handlebar height of them is identical in that regard but you do get a little bit more foot space on the es one now and it's like by side drag race with my me scooter the es one takes off about the same depending on the riders weight but these show me will always slowly get ahead but only just to start with the acceleration test there now this time around me on the me scooter it's even quicker here because of our weight difference between the two writers of about 10 kilos so once you're finished with the scooter all you need to do is to simply press down with your foot on the quick-release and you'll hear it click then you can fold the handlebars down and click them into that rear mudguard brake and you're able to lift it up then walk up stairs or into your house or wherever or put it in your car for example it will fit in there normal sized car boot without too much of a problem unless you have a super tiny micro car alright so just to recap here overall I do like the scooter I love the design of it it just looks a lot more modern now compared to my show me scooter with its air full tires now the tires is probably one of the best things about this having the hard rubber is a good move because on my show me I've already had two flats and that was enough for me I've actually converted those air full tires and put solid rubber ones on so you don't have that worry with this of course you're not gonna get any punctures any flats or get stranded so the build really good I like the mechanism they've got so you just press down on the the mudguard the brake on the rear and then push it up you hear the click and it's clicked into place and feels very sturdy and really good so the ride quality getting around town it's quite agile and the acceleration isn't out of this world or anything like that and sport mode slightly faster than when you have it on normal now the maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour I do notice that difference coming from my show me the me 365 which has 25 kilometres per hour but not as much as I thought but for those out there that want the maximum speed you're probably gonna be disappointed with this model go for the ES 2 model which also has a shock on the rear and it also has LED flash LED lights on the sides and then underneath the other thing to note too that this material that they put on the top on the ES 2 model I believe is black and not this grey color as you can see the grey is attracting and showing all the dirt on this I've only used this scooter now for a few days and look how dirty it is already the other thing is when you brake using that rear brake which by the way works particularly well it does the job I mean you can even lock up the rear wheel if you want it to skid or do anything like that do it comes off that every time you break and it all comes and lands along the top here so that's going to get dirty so that's a minor complaint another minor complaint with the design is the rubber plug that fits over there DC in there for charging it's a little hard to get in there so so many times I have to miss about will trying to get that plugged in properly there we go now it's in sets alright the front shock I know it's doing something but honestly I doesn't feel like it's doing that much it's prolly taking out some of the shocks and vibrations a good move this well they have put a rubber grommet so where the handlebar bolts on to the main part here with the battery is they've got this rubber on there so that's absorbing some of those vibrations along with the foam grips now another minor complaint is the ends here and if you can see that they're kind of a little bit loose they should probably glue them in place or I will probably glue that I might have to change the grips later on in the future even though there are nice the foam ones because they dissolve those vibrations I don't see them with standing the test of time I mean something like one of those lock-on grips will pull you a little bit better the ones you get for mountain bikes that's what I actually put on Michelle me so other than that the range okay not as great as they claimed so 25 kilometers they say is what you can get out of this because that was in perfect test conditions when they did that test so that would have probably been someone that weighs 65 kilos I weigh 81 and they would have had no wind and a complete smooth surface that's how they got 25 so expect less so you if you need to do let's say 30 kilometer journey this is not going to do it now you can of course get that extra battery that plugs in here you need to bolt it on to it and that will extend your range up to 45 kilometers but again that's probably only about I would say 30 kilometers or 35 with the extra battery but it's still a really good range then when you had that the application is another contour are you have to activate the scooter with their app and if you don't activate it the speed of it is limited and it keeps beeping that's highly annoying I don't know why segue need to do that so their apps not that great and it's crashed on me a few times too but it's good that gives you that information we can set the cruise control and there's a few other little tweaks there have a look at the mileage of the school as well there so overall as a package I feel this is a really nice scooter just bear in mind though if you need that 25 km/h faster speed and you want the flash LED lighting underneath and the shock on the rear go for the ES 2 model otherwise this one to me seems a really good choice and I'll be using this testing this out and I may have some follow-up videos and also to compare some videos to other electric scooters that I'm hoping to receive soon to that I will be reviewing on the channel so keep an eye out for those and thank you so much for watching this review here you do have any questions let me know down in the comments and I'll try and answer them bye for now

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