news, right? – The WAN Show Oct 26, 2018

SmartDeploy: Claims Free IT Networked (worth $655!) at

Squarespace: and use code WAN for 10% off

Savagery Jerky: Use code LTT to save 13% on Savagery Jerky this Week-ends Only at



Timestamping of SamTheMD:

0:00 Luke’s “Special Surprise”
0:20 Topics
1:26 New intro
3:11 Unlisted Vidio Testing
8:58 Googers Charging Adroid device for Use Googers App in EUROPE
11:50 GamersNexus Give the gift That on giving
17:27 Backs to Googers’s thing
19:56 Crap-tastic of in countries
26:11 – Savagery Jerky
28:32 – Squarespace
29:58 – SmartDeploy
31:53 Luke’s Surprize exposed
32:31 SAMSUNG device LEAKED
49:40 Jaydo55 about Luke’s Broken phone
51:40 Answering superchats
57:42 Luke the Dragonesses for the first time

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