New Review 2018 Honda Accord revealed II Fresh faced Honda Accord dumps V6, adds tech and is likely


New Review 2018 Honda Accord revealed II Fresh faced Honda Accord dumps V6, adds tech and is likely you Hello, my name is Tony Tom 2018 Honda Accord revealed Fresh-faced Honda called dumped V6 add tech, and is likely Feroze next year, Honda's 2018 Accord has been launched in the USa overnight bringing a new design new Chassis and new engines On this pitch for its tenth generation midsize Sedan which now seems likely to be released in Australia after all is simple make his sexy But keep it practical although Honda talked up the idea of new technology coming to the Sedan save for a new 10-Speed Auto, there's not much here that hasn't been seen before Indeed the car's biggest draw card will most likely be its design which Honda describes us 45 times in its press release on the technical side Honda has ditched the V6 engine option from the accord Instead a pair of turbo Petrol four-cylinder engines are featured displacing 15 and 2

0 liters the latter is a relative of the storming Civic type-R unit adaptive Dampers designed to improve Ride comfort will be standard on all models in the us where it will be produced and Every us markets at least Accord will also be fitted with the Honda sensing safety Suite which comprises semi automated driving aids including radar based adaptive cruise control with traffic sign recognition and low speed full of functionality Autonomous emergency Braking hip lane departure warning and Road departure mitigation Honda says it's targeting top gap safety ratings for the new model at the us launch at the 2018 Accord senior vice president of Honda Cars America, Jeff can reined said the new Design will sway Buyers We are redefining the honda cause for a new generation of buyers by bringing something Unexpected that challenge is the idea of what a mainstream Sedan can be he said the Front-wheel drive Sedan is a big seller in the USa where more than Million accords have found homes since it was launched in 1976 the Vehicle will be built in the us At Honda's, Marysville plant in Ohio Not confirmed for Australia although There is a strong chance the new model will be offered in Australia local Honda accord sales have plummeted in recent years making the local arms job more challenging Honda Australia director Stephen Collins recently told motoring dot-Com daughteryou that has Confident the accord would work in Australia, but stopped short of confirming its arrival That is still a very challenging segment But we still think that is a place for a chord in our lineup and definitely a market opportunity That we want to fill he said Still some hurdles to overcome with it, but we are progressing in the USA That is also a hybrid version of the new 2000 1800 called Which Colleen said would be a must for the local market We still believe it accord needs to be our technological flagship and hybrid needs to be part of that mix Stated the Honda Australia boss inside the 2018 Honda Accord then you were called is wilder than its predecessor and rides on a longer wheelbase which Yields more cabin space Unders delivered more boot capacity – even though the body is slightly shorter overall it is also lower than the current model presenting an athletic stance with its long Bonnet and assertive front end design vehicle driver now sits lower While rear seat occupants get more legroom Top shelf models will get 12 way power adjustable driver seat heated and ventilated while backseat Passengers get heated seats to the cockpit is centered around an 80 inch touchscreen infotainment System that this is the current Civics touch sensitive volume control for a physical dial apple Carplay and Android auto Functionality will merely sum smartphone features and some models will get automatic bluetooth phone pairing Wireless device charging and Wi-Fi enabled system updates Honda Says all major touch points and higher-quality materials – Ly6 replaced with type R

Power entry level Honda Accord, Sedans will be powered by 15 liter Turbo Petrol engine that is rated at 141 kilowatts 260 Nm the four is paired with a CVt continuously variable transmission automatic or a 6-speed manual we don't expect the manual to make it down under the braun your 20 liter Turbo Petrol engine that replaces the accord V6 produces 185 kilowatts 370 NM this engine is mated to the new 10 speed automatic transmission which Honda claims is a World-first for a fund drive car Honda will also launch a new accord hybrid car which fares a 20 liter atkinson cycle? 4 cylinder engine with underdeveloped electric motors that are the first drive motors in the world to use Magnets containing Little heavy Rare Earth metals the car maker claims Thank you for watching for the follow up subscribe to the channel yourself here Top mounted to a rigid floating subframe fluid filled bushings add another level of NVH absorption with the news of the accord Coupe a will not return for the 2018 model Year it appears the designers made an attempt to Soften the blow a bit by reshaping The Accord sit down to have a long Sloping back light short trailing edges on the rear door windows and their full-length character line running from stem to stern In comparison with the outgoing car the wheelbase is up by a substantial 22 inches overall length down by 0

4 inch height is down by 06 inch and width is up by 04 inch the tracks are increased up front by 02 inch and at the rear 08 and the overhangs front and we also have been reduced a Noise abatement plan very similar to the latest odysseys includes the first ever Application of structural adhesive ximena court as well as other sound deadening measures such as underbody covers front and rear engine Compartment insulators and acoustic laminated glass for the Windshield and the front door glass on extremes and above It all should help drastically reduce cabin noise for some time Honda Bugaboo as it has in the odyssey Trim Dandy The final lineup isn't set in stone as of this writing Honda says the 1

5 liter engine will be available in six Trim levels Lx Sport x Xl Xl Naboo and touring the 20 liter engine will be available in just four models sport excel excel Navi and touring the hybrid powertrain will return for 2018 with production shifting to Ohio after a Few years in Japan It's slated for an official debut later in the year But we do know that the accord hybrid will be powered by ondas third general Atkinson cycle 20 litre four-Cylinder dual electric motor system that eliminates the need for a conventional Transmission a new intelligent power unit essentially the batteries and Electronic controls will be mounted under the floor to maintain the accords trunk space and folding rear seat the Hybrid will be available in five trims Base x xl Xl Naboo and Touring the interior looks to go more contemporary and upscale a contoured steering wheel and Paddle Shifters when applicable from the lower Cowl Which should work with 20 percent cleaner epirus enabled by the algae High-strength steel to improve forward visibility? The topmost here of the soft touch instrument panel runs the full width of the dash while the newly designed Front seats make use of a new padding material that offers variable firmness higher seat backs improved shoulder support and the optional 12 way power driver's seat That's for wear adjustable Lumbar support to its list of tricks Cooling is now available for the front seats as well as heating In cars equipped with rear seat heaters the backs are now heated in addition to the bottom cushions Arm wrists are longer wider and plusher all around? Although the car is slightly shorter overall the increased wheelbase Provided the engineers the opportunity to move the rear seat afterward increasing legroom from an already spacious area by One point 9 inches Better yet, trunk capacity is not compromised in the process increasing from fifteen point eight to sixteen point seven cubic feet Tech-talk Honda sensing Safety technology Standard across the board including automated Emergency braking that can bring the car to a full stop plus lane departure warning wrote departure mitigation adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow and new traffic signed recognition on the link telematics emergency Roadside assistance remote locking and unlocking remote engine start stolen vehicle tracking remote diagnostics Geofencing speed tracking and more also will be available as will wireless device charging Bluetooth 4 Grams Lte in-car Wi-Fi and over-the-Air system updates a 60 inch head-up displays included in Taurus Finally after years of trying to convince the world otherwise Honda has relented and will equip every 2018 Accord with not only an analog volume knob But also a genuine knob for tuning with the frustration of turning the radio remedied We hope it's worth mentioning the various audio systems Lx trims get for speaker 160 Watt Audio alternext trims get an 8 speaker 180 Watt system and

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