Mi Notebook Pro i7 8550U 16GB Review!


So I'm back here with the me notebook pro but this time around it's the most powerful version you can get the i7 one so it's configured with an Intel eighth generation i7 8550 u maximum turbo of 4 gigahertz it's a quad core so they've really stepped up in terms of power going from the seventh generation which with dual cause to now quad core which is great to see and the battery life they're designing everything like that the sound I already covered that in my full review of the i-5 model so there's no point in me repeating all of that so check out that review if you're after information on that and it does have 16 gigabytes of RAM as you can see which is running in dual channel according to CPU Z here and it is running at two thousand four hundred megahertz now I got the sixteen gigabyte model because I feel for my 4k videos that I edit it just runs so much smoother of course then there 8 gigabytes of RAM on the i5 model and the GPU is exactly the same as the i5 model so it's the nvidia MX 150 so it still has that problem that i encountered with the i5 model and that is that the PCIe SSD in there now it ships with the samsung PM 961 which is basically this drive here which I have installed myself a Samsung Evo 960 now the reason behind its speed not being as fast as it could be is this right here you can see that it says the interface is gentry that's fine but it's times to speed so not times for now if it was times four then my reads be here on sequential 's would be approximately 3000 megabytes per second the writes would be about the same and the 4k speeds possibly a little bit faster there but they are very good anyway so it's not really going to affect the overall performance but if you wanted to get your maximum out of your nvme drive then you're gonna be out of luck here which is disappointing now on to benchmarks here with Geekbench 4 you can see it's about 500 points faster on the single core score in 2000 points approximately on multi-core score as expected for the faster clock rate so 400 more megahertz and one megabyte more of cash on the CPU here's the score of the i5 version you see the differences between both of them there so a nice boost there when it comes to these synthetic benchmarks at least five straight 11 so this is the score of the i5 and then slightly faster here on the i7 version so this is to be expected because we have the same GPU which is the bottleneck when it comes to 3d performance or gaming performance now when we take a look at just GPU related benchmarks so this does not actually use the CPU there's no real difference to the i5 version so this is the hebben benchmark version number for score of 603 this is on the stock clocks and now when I overclocked the GPU here you can see that you can increase that at school quite a bit you get almost 6 frames per second on average game there so I definitely do recommend it if you are going to do a little bit of gaming even though this isn't a gaming laptop to at least overclock that GPU and now we'll take a look at the Cinebench r15 score so the stock score is around 661 but I've applied my power limit tweak here and you can see the score is there almost 800 CB which puts it almost around the same speed as a core i7 4770 K which is really good considering this is a quad-core notebook 15 watt processor now it's time to do that same encoding test I did of video so 4k video will be encoded here now and Adobe Premiere Pro with the preset which is the default one the YouTube 4k so I've got one minute of footage the exact same footage I used in my gaming notebook review with the i7 7700 HQ now that took three minutes and nine seconds to encode one minute it's worth of footage and the i-5 model which is the 8250 you on this me notebook took three minutes and 19 seconds so let's have a look how much faster the i7 version is going to be if any so I'll get this started right now I'll hit export and then straight on to that timer so there we go it's just about to finish up now we'll wait until that 100% bar disappears that means it's completely done so there we go three minutes and 16 seconds not that much faster than the i5 version which got three minutes and 19 seconds now I did that 4k video encode with a TDP of 35 watts here you can see so the default would be 15 but I have increased it here to boost the performance so it does stock power limit it will take approximately five minutes to encode one minute of 4k video in a doe Premiere Pro but you see doing this speeds it up you lose where you gained about two minutes which is really good but look at the temperatures here we did pick up to 90 degrees so it is getting quite hot there so have a dedicated video that will be coming out shortly of gaming on the i7 model with the 16 gigabytes of RAM just to have a look and see if it does perform a little bit better but I'll just give you a quick snippet here so I'm going to test out battlefield number one and this is on 1080p resolution and the lowest graphics quality preset because let's face it I mean on medium or high it's gonna really struggle this GPU we'll see how it runs anyway just to give you a little preview before my gaming review so they're about 32 players on this server well almost about 31 or something and you can see that the framerate very decent and quite playable it's been running now for one hour and I have done some gaming some benchmarking and tests now I just take the surface temperature it's up to 41 degrees at the moment so that's slightly cooler then the 45 I got on the i5 version but I think it's to do with the ambient temperature which is also a couple of degrees less at the moment because we're heating into autumn to winter so we got up to 66 degrees on the GPU and if I scroll up here the CPU maxed out here at 89 but do remember that I've overclocked the GPU and I have also added that power limit so that's running at the moment at 30 watts which is double the power limit than stock I'm currently stress testing the CPU and the GPU at the same time here now it's at 100% fan speed and it maxes out around 53 disables temperatures on the CPU at the moment this is what the stock 15 watts 71 degrees and 66 degrees on the GPU I'll give you a sample at the fans now at 100 cent so there we go the 16 gigabytes of RAM is the real reason why I think you should go for this particular model here if you can afford it and if you can get one for a decent price so the i5 model is great it still performs well and the difference between the two really isn't that much okay synthetic benchmarks they show that they're a lot higher here but real-world use I've noticed that with 4k encoding there that it's not really that much faster so you can push it quite a bit harder when you increase those power limits but the thing that's got going for it is that 16 gigabytes of RAM so that will future-proof this device it means that when I edit 4k videos myself personally I have noticed that it just feels a little bit smoother when I start to add a lot of different 4k clips there with high bit rates it just handles it so much better our multitasking can be pushed a little bit harder gaming performance because of the slightly higher clocks maybe maybe slightly better but I'm gonna have a review coming out soon of gaming on this i7 model here with a 16 gigabytes of RAM but it's not that much of a difference because obviously that Nvidia MX 150 is the bottleneck of the system but this is a great laptop really do love it it's got one of the best touch pads you'll find on a Windows laptop the keyboard as well as excellent decent screen on there 360 luxe bright fully laminated srgb coverage of 88% the build quality is premium battery life if you're just on the integrated graphics and you're doing something light like web browsing get up to about 9 hours which is really decent so overall it does come Rick admitted by me and seriously think about that the i5 model with the limitation of 8 gigabytes or this model here then with 16 gigabytes and just future-proofing it a little more so if you haven't seen my referral review of the i5 model which covers a lot of detail in regards to that touch pad the keyboard the overall design then please check that one out and I do hope to see you back in the channel bye for now

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