Mi Notebook Air 13 (2017) Review. Now With Nvidia Pascal MX150 & Kaby Lake


So it is refresh time for the Xiaomi Mi notebook 13 line of notebooks We don't get a new design, we get the same design from last year however they did add a fingerprint reader that's incorporated in the touchpad

So the CPU has changed and so has the GPU we now have Core i5 7200U and the i7 7500U and the GPU is the nvidia MX 150 the SSD is also faster So is this one here worth upgrading to from the 2016 model and does it still have that issue with getting just far too hot to the touch just like the first generation it cheers the same design so there are no logos on the lid and the lid itself has no real flex in it it's quite firm pushing down hard I don't believe it's going to bend in with your notebooks and things when you put it in a bag and the screen will certainly not be pressing up against the keyboard so on the left there is a 35 millimeter headphone out now this has very clear audio and it's quite loud it's not bad the quality I have no complaints with it whatsoever a USB 3 port and then HDMI 14 out so it's not hdmi 20 sadly so it only supports 4k at 30 hertz and on the right side we have a type c port so this is USB 3

1 gen2 spec so it's data charging vol all at the same time so you can use a hub like this I have so you can get display out up to 2 external monitors 3 monitors in total if you count the laptops own monitor and this little tiny dot here is the status LED so that's red when charging green once fully charged and the USB 3 port like the one on the left will power external hard drives and runs at full USB 3 speeds our keyboard is the same as the 2016 model which is not a bad thing it's a good thing because it's a very decent keyboard it's got about 12 6 millimeters of key travel very nice keys there back lips you only have on or off now after 13 seconds the back light on those keys will turn off automatically now the power button is in a bit of an awkward location right here on the upper right hand side so next to the delete button but the good thing about it is as it has more resistance than the other button so it's not so easy to accidentally tap in put the laptop into sleep mode you can of course via the window settings set the power button to do nothing in case you do end up tapping it keyboard flex is at a minimum pressing down quite hard there it is firm same goes for the palm rest you can press down quite hard on there so a very rigid design the screen hinge is quite tight at the moment but I did notice that on my 2016 model at least my 125 inch version that the hinge will loosen up a little bit after a years use but it's still fine and you can see that that's the maximum angle that the notebook will recline the screen which makes it fine to use on your lap so a touchpad is rather large as you can see it's not MacBook large neither is it macbook quality but it's a very decent synaptics touchpad and the performance and accuracy of it with finer movements is really quite decent now you've got all those Windows 10 gestures on here because it is a precision touchpad now you're able to control and disable just as you don't want on there the surface of it is very smooth it's almost like glass and to me it feels similar to the surface book touchpad that I remember using a while back when that first came out so on the rear we've got the five hard rubber feet that hold it up only a slight amount just to allow the air to come in through the vent on the bottom but bear in mind that if you're going to be using this laptop on your lap as you would of course a laptop that you will block this vent and it will start to heat up a little bit more than normal so it pays to use it on a tabletop if you can so we've got two downwards firing AKG speakers and if you want to have a look at the internals of this you want to see the cooling solution they have please check out my unboxing video of that there should be a card popping up now I open this up I show you the SD slots and also the two fans they have inside and the cooling tube and there to keep everything cool so let's have a listen to those down with firing speakers now so they reach about 88 decibels max and they do have some base to meds overall very decent sounding laptop speakers sample now from that 2 megapixel front-facing with candidate we've got just above the screen now it's 2 megapixels 30 frames per second and you can see since when you've been resolution to the quality is decent and so is the audio now you'll hear some echo that echo is coming from one room here not the microphones and cells so that's all array microphone above the webcam does a really good job picking up sound I don't real I'm very happy with the camera quality here so the screen used is a 1080p it's fully laminated and that means there's no gap or anything on the glass that covers that IPS panel now my unit doesn't have any IPS bleed or the glow you get around the corners the edges which is really good perhaps I struck it lucky with this particular batch of screens that I got I think it's even better than my 2016 model so the maximum screen brightness the output of this sharp if hp1 four four seven panel is around 350 Lux which isn't too bad but being a glass coated panel it is quite reflective now the brightness I'll just show you at the moment it's 100% it dims down to a hundred sorry to 0 percent which is very dim it's not too bad but you see now a lot of pulse width modulation flicker on the screen now this I can only see it on camera this is happening looking at it in person it's not there at all and that flickers there until around about 20-30 percent it disappears completely although there are a few lines you can see there at 75 it's gone go back to one have a scene to show you a couple of sample images of how nice and vibrant the screen really does a lot so you can see here that those blacks around the edges got the lighting turned down here you can't see any screen bleed at all with a glass meets up with those bezels which is great news there and very decent screen I really do like it it is a step up from the 125 inches screen which I found to be quite a good screen as well but this one's just slightly better so there decent panel that they have used now 4k videos this is an H EVC codec file of course the i5 6 mm use supports vp9 and this codecs that has no problems playing this you can see there that is very smooth and skipping ahead as well work fine I mean these videos play on the Apollo Lake series are very low in chipsets there so no problems at all with the i-5 of course playing your 4k video files so we've got 8 gigabytes of RAM and the i5 7 mm you this model now there is another model that has the i7 7500 u which will be faster of course but I'm not too sure how much faster I honestly don't believe it's going to be worth paying the extra for it really because as I'll show you later on this system does run into thermal throttling and with that faster processor it's going to happen a lot sooner so Windows will come if you get this directly from China in Chinese of course and you can go ahead and then stall it in English and you also can activate windows so at the moment the version you need to install is Windows 10 home and then get windows to activate it by the troubleshooting menu if you run into problems but it should detect a digital license and then activate windows you don't have to worry about CD keys or anything like that buying a new copy of Windows as long as you install Windows 10 home so make sure you do that under the device manager few things of interest here so the fingerprint reader is the eland version and as you'll see shortly it works really well and the Samsung Drive on their MV m e Drive PCI x 4 so it's very quick and I'll show you the speeds of that in a second when I run through a few benchmarks and the dual-band wireless AC 8 to 65 a very good chipset this runs a 2 by 2 and 10 is set up so range and speeds are really some of the best you will see just also point out that the ram is only running one dim but it sold it to the motherboards you cannot upgrade this Ram if you want since things get a device you're out of luck at the moment unless shall me decide to release a 16 gigabyte model you'll notice too that down here where it says slots used as only one so that also means that it's only running in single channel and not taking advantage of extra bandwidth it could have if running in dual channel which is a bit of a shame to see the speed there is 2133 megahertz which is the fastest that it supports at least that's one positive here so I'm not too sure why they didn't set it as dual channel it could be to save on battery while they didn't do this so the fingerprint reader that's incorporated into the touchpad works really well we need to do of course is just wait at first place your finger and it unlocks and goes straight into Windows it's super quick as you can see so onto benchmarks I know a lot of you are asking in the comments of my previous videos on this particular new 2017 model asking me just how much faster is it well on the CPU it turns out to be around about approximately 14% faster judging by the Geekbench for score here you can see so a nice bump in performance and there is the OpenCL score which is also a lot better now let's got almost 40,000 on the 2016 model it got 27,000 so quite an increase there on OpenCL and the wireless performance is very good really good range speeds just maximize that for years you can see that now that's maxing out my fiber line here which is really good it's got that two by two antenna setup as mentioned when I showed you the device manager so that's why it works so well there so the five strikes call here nothing amazing of course this is not a gaming laptop this does not have a 1080 in it so a very poor score really when you compare that to gaming desktops skite over score just over 8,000 this is faster than the 2016 model and Cinebench r15 now judging by the performance here of the opengl score it turns out to be almost 30% faster than the 940 MX that we find in the 2016 models so the the MX 150 is a nice bump and performance they're very good increased 30% I'll take that thanks it's good pass markcaswell slightly higher here now the score is being boosted of course by the faster SSD and each of these speeds really good it's blazing fast there's no bottlenecks when it comes to installing applications loading for example Photoshop Premiere Pro it's very quick because of these read speeds they are excellent write speeds aren't the fastest because it's not a samsung 960 Pro this is the slower version this is like the 960 Evo SSD it's got on there but PCIe times 4 it's very quick and I really am impressed with the speeds of this Drive so editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop just running right there runs perfectly fine on this I'm not going to go into any detail here showing you edit because it works just like any other core i5 5 laptop that you find out there Premiere Pro this is running a edit here that I'm currently adding a 4k video and the timeline is not quite real time as you can see but it does a pretty good job at catching up so the preset I'm going to use is the H 26 for format and the YouTube one there so that's 4k output I've set it now to just have our 1 minute so the encoding is just finishing up now and you can see here it's almost about seven minutes it's going to take once it reaches 100% Adobe always seems to take an extra few seconds before it's fully encoded and there we go so just under 7 minutes to encode there our one minute 4k clip so what about battery life now I've conducted a very simple test here which is just to use the notebook an edge in Chrome with the wireless on but the screen brightness was set to 25% which I find to be ideal when you're indoors it's still bright enough and here you can see I'm getting approximately seven and a half hours which isn't too bad now it's not fastest you see later on after four hours and 25 minutes which is by then I had to actually head to bed so I couldn't keep using it but it's looking like it is definitely going to get that full run time of about seven and a half hours now this is edge and chrome mostly edge you I was in YouTube and listening to music too and doing a little bit of multitasking so light work now that kind of figure I find is ideal but if you multitask and do some heavy multitasking then the battery runtime will go right down to about five hours when you start the game gaming is only about two hours 30 minutes to 3 hours which is about normal because once you start using that dedicated NVIDIA GPU it really does chew through the battery charge times are another positive it will charge up to 37 watts which is brilliant and you can see here the full charge time it's giving me as one hour and four minutes now when I fully charged it up what happened is it took a bit longer because the last 10% of the battery like any device starts to really charge it a lot slower rate so it went up to just over one hour and 30 minutes about one hour and 39 minutes in total to fully charge this when powered on is absolutely brilliant it's super quick to charge and if you turn it off and charge it then you're probably looking at about an hour and 25 minutes or so to fully charge the 39 what our battery which is just great so triple-a title like battlefield one is playable on this hardware now every single game that I have tested have all been playable you just need to lower the settings so right now this is running 720p and I am set it to low settings and lower end games for example like League of Legends dota 2 concentrate global Offensive these will all run in 1080p you just need to tweak the settings a little bit but very playable we can get over a hundred frames per second on those games there and as mentioned if you want to see more gaming then please check out my gaming review so when it comes to the temperatures internal tents are fine I mean it gets up to 82 degrees I've not seen the CPU go over this but it will thermal throttle so that's throttling it down so we'll hit almost three gigahertz turbo 3

5 and then it will total down to 28 as you can see here this is an intel's extreme tuning utility now if I jump into HW info would also report the same that it didn't actually go past 81 degrees on the CPU which I mean that's fine it is getting hot yes and then the GPU tops out as you see down here at 75 degrees again I've not seen it go over this so internal temperatures are fine however is getting extremely hot to the touch just around this area here that's where the fans actually bent out the vent out the top here so if you were to run this with the lid closed connected up to say an external monitor it's going to really cook itself as you'll see so temperatures around this area they get up to I've seen it get as high as 50 152 degrees Celsius at the moment it's around 48 and the palm rest also getting up to 38 degrees means it's warm to the touch but this area it just gets far too hot for my liking it really is scorching hot after a good gaming session so you want to use a laptop cooler or prop up the the whole notebook itself so the fan running at 100% is definitely audible it's not the most annoying fan I've heard if you see here it's actually maxing out at 55 decibels is the highest I've seen it get now when the laptop is idle the fan just turns off completely so it's completely silent and when it does come on on the lower levels you can hardly hear it so the fan is only slightly annoying once it's actually gaming getting hot and then you will hear it so let's have a listen to that fan so into the day this is still a fantastic laptop that only really has one kind as far as I see it that the heat if you intend the game on this you're going to have to invest in one of those laptop coolers or prop it up or do something to try and keep it a little bit cooler because the housing of it getting up to 51 52 degrees Celsius just above the keyboard there is unacceptable it is scorching hot to the touch so if you wanted to use this on your lap or even though the underside of it doesn't quite get that hot you're going to block the fans to start with and it will get up to about 47 degrees on the underside and it's just uncomfortable that's far too hot it means you need to use it on a desk so that is really the only kind apart from that the build quality is fantastic the keyboard is great to type on it's backlit the touchpad is good fingerprint unlocking works flawlessly it gets into windows super quick it literally only takes seconds so it's much faster than typing in your password and it adds another level of security their webcam okay not brilliant our charging times are just fantastic I love how fast it is it really does charge so quickly if you turn it off you plug it in when you're on 0 you come back an hour and a half later and you have yourself a fully charged laptop ready to go for about seven and a half hours of just internet use now that isn't the best battery life but I feel it has improved slightly over the earlier models which you get mixed kind of use the same use about 6 and a half it has improved a little bit there but of course gaming it's only going to last for two and a half hours you can't expect much there so should the 2016 owners upgrade to this new model it all depends are you happy with your me notebook 2016 if you are and you want that extra power and you need that extra power sure go for it spend the extra 200 versus the older model and I do feel it's worth the extra cash there but if you're someone that doesn't need the most powerful machine after something like this I call a 5 power and a dedicated GPU then the 2016 model is fantastic value for money selling for around $689 you get the exact same machine just a little slower and it doesn't have the fingerprint reader but it still has that super quick fast charging and an hour and a half you fully charge the battery and of course light and portable excellent build great notebook here so if you've got any questions please let me know down in the comments thank you so much for watching this review hope to catch it back in the channel soon

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