MateBook X Pro Review: Windows Gets A MacBook


– [Michael Voiceover] Okay, so I'm writing the script for this video on a MateBook X Pro review device on the train, and a man sits down across from me and gets to work on his Apple MacBook Pro But glancing over, I see what other reviewers have been talking about

The similarities between the Huawei product and the Apple one are pronounced But you know what? It gets so much right that I've just stopped caring how similar these two look And if you can get over the one or two downsides that pop up, you'll probably feel the same way I'm Mr Mobile, and this is the MateBook X Pro Review

(rhythmic music) If you've seen any of Huawei's smartphones from the past year, like the Mate 10 Pro or the new P20, you'll know the company has really stepped it up in the design department recently Well, Apple comparisons aside, the MateBook X Pro is no exception Beveled edges set off the casing sides, trackpad borders, and fingerprint sensor, a sensor fast enough to boot you into Windows 10 from standby in under eight seconds That's Windows' signature edition with very little bloatware, and it comes to your eyes via a gorgeous 139" display

This is one of the best features of the machine The 3:2 aspect ratio gives it a larger canvas than 16:9 laptops, and it packs a 91% screen to body ratio The Dell XPS 13 that started the trend of ultrathin bezels only gets up to about 81% The display offers solid saturation, plenty of backlighting, once you've disabled the auto-brightness, and it's now touch-sensitive If that's not your thing, the large trackpad beneath the space bar has excellent precision and click feel

That's a lot of improvements already over what you get from the MacBook And here's another one Huawei's keyboard proves you don't need to resort to rigid butterfly switches to build a thin laptop The combination of 12 millimeter travel with quiet switches and maybe a more supple paint on the keys, I can't tell, makes this a soft keyboard in all the right ways

If I had to boil the typing experience down to one word, I'd call it pillowy And the fact that it's also splashproof is an excellent bonus Smack in the middle of the top row of that keyboard, you'll find this PC's best and worst feature Best because it's such a cool way to hide a webcam It lets you stow the camera when you don't wanna be seen without resorting to tape or stickers

And it also doesn't take up valuable space in the bezel Worst because, well, way down there on the keyboard is just a terrible angle to shoot a person from And on top of that, it's a pretty bad sensor too, maxing out at just one megapixel So at the end of the day, the webcam is probably a net negative despite its innovative placement Someone once said, "If you don't know me by now," "you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever know me

" So you probably understand that I score mobility above most things when it comes to tech The MateBook X Pro dominates at balancing portability and performance When I say performance, I don't just mean things like read and write speeds I'll point you to Windows Central's review for benchmarks like those Rather, I mean the fundamentals of delivering a solid PC experience in a bag friendly package

That package is less than 15 mm thick and it weighs under three pounds But it comes in configurations that include both an 8th Gen Core I7 processor with discrete graphics and a large 57-watt hour battery These days, eight hours of continuous use is my benchmark for solid endurance on a laptop, and this machine consistently delivered on that under a light to moderate workload And by the way, if you don't wanna miss it when I review a laptop that promises much more battery life, subscribe to The Mr Mobile on YouTube right now

I don't mean to say the MateBook doesn't wheeze a little when you stretch it Fire up a game like World of Warships, and you'll get the fans spinning loud enough to make you take notice The thing is, you won't hear them over the sound system, which has more depth, bass, and dimension than anything I've tested in a while Quick note here, that game takes Performance Mode to run well, which will kill your battey a lot quicker than that light to moderate load I mentioned earlier And which lets me segway semi-smoothly into a brief note on the charger

It's not the bulky transformer on a rope that so many laptops make you deal with Instead, it's a compact wall wart that puts out 65 watts over USBC That means you can charge the laptop very quickly, and if your phone also has a C port, you can leave its charger at home on a trip On the computer, there's a Thunderbolt 3 compatible port as well, next to the headphone jack, a USB-A port on the other side, and in the US, Huawei will bundle a Matedock 20 for further expansion

The only thing that isn't here is an SD card slot, which is kind of a bummer Before we come to the conclusion, let's spend a minute on the minutiae Pros? The MateBook X Pro passes the one handed opening test It comes with Huawei Share for high-speed wireless transfers if you have a Huawei phone And if you do use that camera for video conferencing or talking to Cortana, it's got four microphones to accurately pick up sound from up to 12 feet away

Cons The hard drive is weirdly partitioned in the System and Storage drives, which is not necessary on a Windows 10 machine And the elephant in the room, should US consumers consider buying it, given all the recent concerns about Huawei and national security? Well, I spent an afternoon reading articles on that, and I came away with this conclusion If I worked for the US

government, buying a Huawei machine to do state business on would, indeed, give me pause, but since I'm not, I'm not losing any sleep over privacy concerns relating to Huawei At least not any more than I'm already losing over how much I'm sharing with my own government If your concerns run deeper, you'll want to take your dollars elsewhere How many dollars you'll fork over for this machine in the United States is still TBA, as is exactly where you'll be able to buy it once it goes on sale But I've heard that it'll be priced more competitively than current import costs would suggest

Time will tell whether that pans out or not, but if what you want is MacBook hardware running Windows 10, and you don't mind sacrificing selfie quality for some innovative engineering, the MateBook X Pro is a fantastic contender Folks, I'm giving away three LG V30s over on the Instagram channel, so go find me over there at @themrmobile or at the link in the description But hurry The contest ends Monday, April 9th Good luck

And speaking of phones, this laptop isn't the last Huawei produce you'll see on my channel this season Stay tuned for the P20 Pro review as I put that monster triple camera phone through its paces Until next time, thanks for watching And stay mobile, my friends (rhythmic music)

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