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Hello and welcome to the show! My name is Alex and this is TechFlow This is our first ever laptop review

So, I’m going out on a limb here – let us know how we do in the comments section down below Today, we’re looking at the LG Gram I first saw this laptop at CES of 2017 at the LG booth where I was drooling over their new TVs and their laptops didn’t really shout at me I thought that this was just another attempt at a company trying to copy the outdated MacBook Air LG offered to send out the laptop to me – I spent some time with it and boy, boy was I wrong! Right, so let’s start with the looks

I’m digging the dark silver “space grey” look of this machine It’s made out of magnesium and that’s key to it being so light It’s shockingly light – you can pick this thing up with two fingers right in the corner of it It’s incredible! You’d think with a laptop being so light you wouldn’t be able to open the laptop lid with one finger Something that I think is a must for a laptop in 2017 and with this laptop, you can lift up the lid with one finger

Amazing! Right, let’s look at IO Around the side of the device, we’ve got an annoyingly flimsy power port I would have loved to have seen something a little more substantial as it really is a little bit flimsy I feel like it’s going to break However, you can charge this thing through USB C

Next to the power port, we’ve got that USB 3 cable, next to that an HDMI output and then that beloved USB C port So, yes, technically, you can have one USB C cable up to your monitor transferring power back to the laptop to charge it, transferring 4K images to the monitor as well as using the monitor, if it supports it, as a USB hub Really cool through one cable On the other side of the laptop, we’ve got a Kensington lock, two more USB ports – one being a super-speed port – a headphone jack and a, a micro, micro SD card reader What? Why would you even bother putting a micro SD card reader on a laptop? I’d have preferred you to add a little bit more weight and put a full sized card reader on this thing

There’s no point in that I’m never going to use it Unless you heavily use a GoPro or an Android phone Opening the laptop up, you’ve got a beautiful 1080p screen Now, a lot of you will be raising your eyebrows thinking: Alex, a brand new laptop in 2017 with a 1080p screen? Are you having a laugh? Is it not 4K? Not even 2K? What is this? Well, the screen size comes in at 15

6 inches and in my humble, personal opinion, I think that 1080p suits this machine greatly It looks absolutely stunning – it’s sharp enough for pretty much anything you want to do on it and the reason they’ve only put a 1080p screen in this laptop is to, number 1, save on battery life and, number 2, to save on processing power This thing really doesn’t need a 2K or 4K screen 1080p does it just fine It’s critically

It’s very crisp whilst being sharp and it has pretty good viewing angles Oooo – the keyboard Now, the keyboard is back lit with three brightness levels

This is a great upgrade from last year’s model that didn’t include a back lit keyboard at all, so props for that one There’s not really much to say about the keyboard – it’s great having a full size NUM pad to the right hand side of the laptop The keys have pretty good travel considering how thin this machine is, it doesn’t make too much noise and it was a pleasure, a pleasure to type on The keyboard gets a, a thumbs up from me The track pad is

OK When you first get the laptop and log in to the included Windows 10, I’d highly recommend that you go into the track pad settings and turn off the delay which is, funnily, set to medium It’s a bit laggy – turning this off made it a bit better but it still wasn’t perfect

It’s hard to explain I just thought that the track pad seemed a little laggy when moving the cursor Not when I put an external mouse on to it but just the track pad It’s really odd You can left click anywhere on the surface of the track pad and right click is in the bottom right, as usual, or a double finger tap

Really intuitive It just needs to be a little bit more responsive Under the hood, we’ve got 16 GB of RAM, a 7th gen core i7, 27 turbo, boosted to 3

5 and Intel Graphics 620 My model has a 512 GB SSD as well as a touch screen Yeah – a touch screen I’ve always found touch screens a little bit of a gimmick especially if you can’t fold the laptop over and get rid of the keyboard altogether Having to reach up past the keyboard and past the track pad seems very unnatural and I’ve never really used the touch screen whilst having this laptop but, saying that, it’s a nice feature to have if you need it or want it

But it’s a bit of a gimmick So, Alex, you said that the laptop looks pretty good, it feels pretty good, it’s light, it’s awesome, it’s got all this fire power with the core i7, 16 GB of RAM etc etc etc What can you do on it? What’s performance like – what am I going to be getting out of this machine? Well, let me tell you

General web browsing and doing emails and word documents and creating powerpoint presentations is an absolute breeze From a business perspective, this laptop being as light and as thin as it is, it’s absolutely brilliant Multi-tasking web browsing and powerpoint presentations, doing my emails on Outlook and Googlemail, creating some word documents – multi-tasking these things was an absolute breeze I couldn’t make it choke once I needed to push the boat out

So, I installed Premier Pro and was editing 4K B-roll of this laptop, on the laptop And just as a time frame (take these digits with a grain of salt), I managed to render out four seconds of 4K footage in premier in just under ten seconds Do with those numerals as you please, however rendering these things out did make the fans kick in and it was noticeable because I’d never heard them ramp up before when I was doing my web browsing and general word document testing So, performance is, Alex, amazing, right? I mean, yeah, it’s amazing but I didn’t stop there I wanted to make this thing choke

Let’s talk about gaming Get out a wireless or wired mouse and you’ve got yourself a little, portable gaming rig, I thought to myself Yeah, I mean, that’s the case if you want to play some light titles like Minecraft I installed League of Legends and was managing to pull 100 FPS playing League of Legends on very high settings Interesting – it was very, very playable

As you can imagine – 120 FPS – it was a very good gaming experience Installing Far Cry 4 was a different story, however I ramped down the settings to 720p, put the graphics on low and I couldn’t get above 25 FPS Just as I thought – don’t expect to play any triple A titles on this thing But if you want to do some light gaming, like online gaming, a bit of Minecraft or League of Legends, which is a fairly demanding game but I managed to get 100 FPS on very high

Yeah – light gaming – I’ll give it an OK Big games – I’d look somehwhere else I don’t think that’s who LG are aiming this laptop for, however, though

I think this is for creative professionals who need something small and lightweight to take on the go I can imagine a businessman with this laptop – absolutely brilliant for that – and then he brings it back to his work place and connects it to his monitor via the single USB C cable, puts power to the laptop with his mouse and keyboard connected up to the monitor – all he has to do is plug in that USB C cable I can imagine this for creative geeks – if you wanted to do a little bit of PhotoShop work or a tiny little bit of work in Premier – as I’ve said, 4K editing works absolutely fine If you’re a light gamer and want to game on the go, this thing is absolutely fine and also, if you wanted to do a little bit of conferencing, this is what the in-built camera looks like Absolutely unflattering angle with the camera down there on the bottom bezel but the quality’s not too bad and the microphone quality, yeah, you could make calls on this thing

I’ll give it a thumbs up LG are claiming all-day battery life on this And on the website, they say 12 hours of battery and, yeah, this may be correct if you put it in the LG hibernate mode but this disables the wallpaper, changes the brightness and adjusts system settings to take away pretty much all of the performance In real world testing, I got about 25 hours under full load of 4K editing and about 4, 4

5 hours of general web browsing, doing emails and word documents It comes with some software called the “LG control center” and I really hate it when companies put this sort of software on their machines when they’re sent out but this one is actually really, really good You can do things like change the performance, put it in to the hibernate mode (so you get a little bit of extra battery life), you can do things like toggle off and on the fans if they’re making too much noise With this, obviously, it will ramp down and throttle the CPU You can even lock the Fn button so that you can go ahead and change your brightness and open up all of the control center without having to hold the Fn button down and having to do them at the same time so it’s kind of like a Mac and I kind of really like that

So, that has been my review guys of the 2017 LG Gram I think that it is an absolutely phenomenal machine and, honestly, it’s blown me away Its portability factor, its capability factor and its battery life are all phenomenal and I would 100% recommend this laptop, obviously, if you’re doing some light stuff – I wouldn’t say gaming – but it can easily handle 4K editing, creative work and definitely, easily enough, going to be there for you if you’re a businessman and you’re wanting to come and hook up to a monitor when you get back to the office This thing, this thing’s awesome It gets a TechFlow 4.5 stars
My name’s been Alex and we’ll catch you in the next one

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