LG G6 Reviews: Should I buy it?


today’s video is going to be about the LG G6 now this phone comes out a little bit of weird time the smartphone market because the s8 is coming out in about a month and the next iPhone will be out the fall so this is kind of one of those times where you’re trying to decide whether or not you should go for this phone now or wait a couple months and see what else comes out so I’m going to try to help clear that up today let’s check it out unfortunately my first impression of the phone was not positive because I’m the verizon version I got there was a sticker on the glass back which did not come off clean at all after a little bit of work I was able to get the residue off but that just seems like something they should have tested before they stuck in on all the phones I’m also not sure I understand the decision to use glass for the back of the phone although it looks really nice when you first pull it out of the box after using it for a few seconds there’s fingerprints and smudges everywhere and if you’re like me and that stuff kind of bothers you it’s frustrating because there’s really nothing you can do to keep it clean so aside from those couple frustrations I had when I first tried out the phone there were a lot of things about it that I really liked so one of the most noticeable things with this phone is the different aspect ratio so as you can see the phone is a little bit narrower and taller than an iphone 7 plus or the pixel XL so there’s a smaller top and bottom chin but the screen is actually bigger measured corner to corner it runs Android seven point 0 but it doesn’t come as a clean Android install so there are system apps that you can’t uninstall which is different from like the pixel so it comes with some verizon apps and for example the NFL app that you can’t uninstall from the phone and on a premium phone I’ve never like this I feel like you should be able to set it up however you want I really like that they kept the headphone jack to me that’s a real positive and they also have us bc on the phone which is I think the new standard and I’m glad they decide to go with that it has a volume button on one side and on the other side it has a sim card tray that also holds an SD card so you can have double storage in the phone one of the big features on this phone is the 57 inch quad HD+ display it as a resolution of 28 80 x 1440 and one of the really big selling points is the dobie vision display so it’s supposed to give you better colors and contrast and really provide a better video viewing experience and although it really did look great I can’t say it was like a night and day difference from some of the other really top end smartphone displays that I’ve seen they have two cameras on the back of the phone they’re both 13 megapixel but one is a standard lens and the other is a wide-angle lens so this works a lot like the iphone where you can switch between standard and kind of a telephoto or a zoomed-in view and the nice thing about it is it’s done with hardware not with software so it maintains the quality of the picture a lot better than if you were just doing a software zoom like a lot of the phones did in the past so I did find these cameras to be really nice and they were pretty cool to use one of the things I was super impressed with was the manual photo app that they’ve included so it allows you to fine-tune all the different settings in the phone and they even have a histogram on the bottom left so I would I just was really impressed that they put that kind of time and effort into developing such a full featured app they could easily put this in the app store in charge for it and most of the time you have to buy an app like this but with this phone it comes built in and that’s super cool they even built in a lot of functionality for the front-facing selfie camera so if you’re a big selfie person you can do a lot of cool things like they have filters and built in software to kind of soften the image and make the pictures look better so there’s just a ton of cool stuff built into the photo app and you can tell they really thought it through and really tried to make it the best they could as far as final thoughts on the phone it’s kind of hard to come to a conclusion right now I mean it’s a really good phone and it only has a few minor drawbacks but it’s hard to recommend it with so many other big phones coming out in the mirror so I think you kind of just have to decide how bad you need a phone if you need one right now I think this is a great choice but if you can wait I think you gotta wait and see how the other ones are so as always guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video and see you next time I now the call call it’s on the phone

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