lenovo p1m40, p1m k5 forgot frp google verification account bypass removal flashing working k5 note


welcome guys today i am going to show you frp lock ie google verification lock in lenovo p1m in your lenovo p1m40 or any other lenovo p1m or any other lenovo device so what you have to do is to bypass google verification lock in p1m i

e frp lock if you forgot your google verification lock gmail id google id and dont know which account is to be login in lenovo p140 p1m in your lenovo mobile you are at right place because today i am going to show you how to bypass google verification in p1m without any google id gmail id in your p1m mobile only you have to watch this video carefully and perform step by step in your device to bypass this frp lock and you will able to use p1m normally so you need to flash your device to unlock frp lock in your phone you will need windows pc drivers and firmware link is in discription their are two varients of fimware in lenovo p1m and you have to flash corerect varient in lenovo device my version is s029 so flashing s029 if you dont know your veriant of mobile first flash one varient then flash another varient if you succed in one varient then it is your correct varient if not flash another varient so extract your firmware and intall lenovo driver i have made another video for driver please find in discription and also in ibox so now open firmware folder and open folder name target bin in target bin we have firmware so many files in firmware folder it is very easy to flash and select althis file you will came to know furthure it is very issy to flash lenovo p1m in the firmware folder that is target bin folder and another very impotant folder in firmware is sp tool folder this is the tool which will be used to flash lenovo device before flashing install drivers in your pc and for that i have also made video tutorial please find that in discription run sp tool as administrative open scrater loader button when you click scrater loader it will open dialogue box and go to fimware folder of mobile which we have downloaded earlier go to fimware folder inside it go to target bin target bin where was so many file look here theire were so many files but it is showing only four file because it is searching for txt file and their is only four txt extention file so you have to select txt scrater file which will load all the files requires for flashing so select txt file it will load all the file for flashing and tool will load backup your fimware before flshing in the case if your fimware is not matching then you can flash your firmware back to retrive device so i have anither tutorial for how to back up android fimware link is also discripted and annotion also open divice manager to see driver status and now most important part of video that you have to select dropdowna manu in download button and select fimware upgrate after you select fimware upgrade hit download button and now connect your phone by switching of phone and connect your phone when you connect your pghone to usb cabble mtk driver will in stall and tool will detect your device if it detects it will showe red signal and after that it will format your device with green light and then it will update boot loader and finaly it will update flash your device while it flash till 100% dont remove your devie while it is flashing your device so please wait untill flashing process complites and when flashing processing is complite you will see green o in your screan and here it is it is green tik you will find after flasing is complete and go ahed close all the tool remove your mobile and start your phone so now it will not ask you for frp lock in lenovo p1m p1m40 frp lock ie google verififcation lock and you are done so thank you for watching sub to my channel comment regarding p1m like this video share this video

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